Bathroom products without plastic products: These are the alternatives 2

Bathroom products without plastic products: These are the alternatives

Almost all hygiene products cause plastic waste. The experiment itself shows: There are sustainable alternatives in Wittgensteiner shops.

, Have you ever looked closer in the bathroom? Shower gel, makeup, toothpaste – it is difficult for a product that does not require plastic packaging. So the cry remains (still).

I faced the challenge: my bathroom must be free of plastic. I write a shopping list and – where, where am I going? Unwrought stores did not reach Wittgenstein, they are in Marburg or Siegen. I suppose I have to go to a few shops and look for plastic-free products. It's not relaxed. And comes back and forth probably not at the top of the carbon footprint. But maybe in the end I can make the world better.

Purchase list

Make-up to remove pads: Who wants to work without cotton pads, which are then thrown into the usual drugstores and always packed in plastic bags, can be used to remove makeup cotton pads. For example, in Bad Berleburg there is an organic trade "Natural". The packaging is made of composite cellulose. The four pillows cost somewhat less than € 6, the single-use cotton cushions in a pack of 140 pieces in a drugstore somewhat below $ 1.50.

Deodorant: cream instead of spraying: cans are also available in organic trade, for example. However, drugs have recognized this trend and sometimes offer deodorant cream creams instead of spray bottles. The look and the consistency are reminiscent of Melkfetta and are therefore unknown to the first. Smells better than a cough medicine. Deodorant creams are available, for example, in the scent of lavender, peppermint, orange or rose oil. For a little less than 50 grams I pay 9.95 euros in the organic market, the conventional spray deodorants start at 80 cents. Girls who have already switched to cream deodorants, however, say that they can deal with cans for a long time – about two dozen a year – and the antiperspirant effect lasts longer. Let's see.

Makeup: Disappointing. There are no real alternatives to plastic packaging in drugstores or organic trade. Quick search on the Internet shows: it works. There are brands that focus on natural, renewable raw materials not only in their ingredients, but also in their packaging. For example, there are Compact Foundation, Powder, Blush and Eyeshadow packed in bamboo cans. The prices range between 14 and 25 euros – a bit more expensive than promotional products, but much cheaper than luxury cosmetics. For mascara, fluid and lipstick, manufacturers are not around plastic. But I'm sure it's just a matter of time when these products will be completely free of plastic – and they will find their way to the local store.

Menstrual cup: alternative to tampons and bandages. It consists of a medical silicone and can be used with good care for up to ten years. It is available in drugstores, as well as in organic or in pharmacy stores, and it costs between 18 and 30 euros. If it's not a long-term deal! Handling is initially a bit used and obviously there are different engagement techniques to introduce a cup. It should probably have good wearing comfort for several hours. Removal works as a buffer. And then you have – a cup of blood in your hand. Girls advise me to hold my hands away when I do not see blood. Thank you, the next product, please!

shampoo: Reminds of a good old soap. Hair soap is available in organic trade as well as in drugstore. Price of 65 grams in organic trade below 5 euros, soap consists of olive and laurel oil, wheat protein, buckwheat or sheep's milk. If I'm honest: I do not want to smell it. There are soaps in the drugstore that are more in line with my habits of scent, such as a variant of shea butter and coconut-flavored olive oil. It's best to cut a small piece of soap, spread it into your hands and then put it in your hair. Those who apply soap directly on their hair should expect to take it back to one place or another. All in all, but an excellent alternative with good results as in commercial shampoos.

Toothbrushes and Toothbrush Pills Instead of a dental paste from the tube, there are tablets from the paper bag. The toothpaste tablet with the natural flavor of the mind cuddles and immediately gives a feeling of freshness in the mouth. A little weird, because it does not burn. In fact, my teeth feel smooth and clean. Bamboo Toothbrush comfortably fits in your hand, an excellent alternative to a plastic version. With a price of 3.90 euros – both in organic trade and drugstore – but in the top price segment. Tummy toothpaste costs slightly less than 7 euros and should match the contents of two toothpaste tubes.


I am surprised at the fact that at local level you can get so many products without plastic. It should only work on visibility, especially in drugstores. At first glance, cosmetics without plastic look much more expensive, but should be much more fertile. Often this is just your habit or convenience that keeps us from ecologically acceptable alternatives.

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