Do you recognize the world star? For this role he embodies three hundred colossus 2

Do you recognize the world star? For this role he embodies three hundred colossus

Los Angeles –

If the name of Russell Crowe falls, then you first have in mind the muscular fingers of the Gladiator Maximus. Times have changed.

In the television series "Loudest Voice in the Room" (at Showtime), the Oscar winner is played by media mogul Roger Ailes. His prominent features were hunger for power and perverseness.

When Crowe's pictures appeared, he took the breath and appetite of his fans. Because he got there good Fettkloß and 3 quintals.

Do not worry, that was not (all) your own weight. The make-up artist helped with "Fatsuit". It was comforting for anyone who worried about Russell's health.

Russell Crowe: From a gladiator to Fettkloß

What did you think when you first saw the mirror like Roger Ailes?

Crowe: I was really happy in a mischievous way! It was important to look pretty similar to him because he barely changed in the series for more than 20 years. In addition to losing hair and the skin gets spots. We've made a right downhill to the point.

How long does the mask change every day?

Crowe: At six o'clock. That was not fun. But then the makeup team became better and faster – and it lasted only 2 hours and 17 minutes. That's our record!

Russell Crowe: Dick remains for future roles?

They not only wore "Fatsuit" but also increased weight really. How difficult is it to get rid of extra pounds?

Crowe: I find it difficult as with other men of my age. Actually, it automatically increases over 50's. It is important not to do any radical nutrition or anything like that. I slow down from the shooting end, step by step. This is why I am sabotaged with the following roles.

What do you mean?

Crowe: I took the roles where I should play overweight people again. Let's say, it's time to climb again. It is time to offer the role of a slim man. Then I really had a reason to lose weight completely. Then I paid for weight loss (laughter).

Russell Crowe: Disappointed for Media?

They have been in the focus for decades. What is the relationship with the media?

Crowe: Actually, I'm a sniffer for news and reading news every morning. I'm so old that I like writing the paper better. Although I learned from my own experience, the media often do not believe it. One day I had to read about myself that I allegedly did something in the New York club. Actually, at the time I was on an Australian farm with my horses (laughs). Basically, however, it is necessary to have a free press that truly reports about what is happening in the world. Especially in modern times ….

Russell Crowe: His opinion of Rupert Murdoch

Ailes was a resident of his compatriot Rupert Murdoch, who …

Crowe: … is not interested in promoting objective journalism. Rupert does not hide the fact that he is primarily a businessman who wants to make money. She hires very smart people like Aileas, who see what she misses on the market and then hits the niche. Rupert deals with profit, not the truth.

Have you ever met Murdoch personally?

Crowe: No. Although I counseled him as a role-maker. But I contacted his ex-wife Wendi Deng and had an interesting conversation with her. I learned a lot, which I could then use as Ailes.

Russell Crowe and his social presence

Picture for Russell Crowe

Russell Crowe talking to us.

They are very active on social media and regularly publish photos of their travels.

Crowe: Yes, that's the game I've been working for 11 years. I put the photos and ask "Where am I now?". Last time I was in Copenhagen. My first time We just went through the area. I've been talking to people on the street very well. One young man approached me and offered me to tattoo for free. He was a tattoo artist and very good, as I could see. Because there was no place on his skin that was not tattooed (laughter). I refused.

Because you do not like tattoos?

Crowe: I already love tattoos. Very uniform. But only to other people.

Russell Crowe: His Privacy

Have you spent the Father's Day with your sons Charles (15) and Tennyson (12)?

Crowe: No. Father's day in Australia is only in September. I'm trying to be home. I want to see my kids and visit Daddy. Already in the mid-80s, we had a funny tradition that I bought underwear or socks every year. But a few years ago I broke it and brought it to the record. Recently, LP was Neil Diamond. He already heard his music when I was a kid.

Russell Crowe: Better than it seems

Because of your stupid roles like the "Gladiator", it looks scary for many, especially because they often look a little mockingly. Do you mind that?

Crowe (looks innocent): Do I have that reputation? It must be so, because some people have told me that. But I do not do that with intentional scary eyes. By nature, I have this meaning of a lady's face (laughs).

Actually, I look through people because I mean something far away. Maybe a painting in Florence.

Russell Crowe is self-critical

If you could change something in yourself, what would that be?

Crowe: My reflex, first to say no, because the subject is secretly filled with fear. I often start saying "No," then I think deeper and I decide differently.

Will it succeed in losing the extra pounds? We do not know, but we want success.