Erlangen is an active rescue point! 2

Erlangen is an active rescue point!

ERLANGEN / REGION (pm / mue) – Erlangen is a rescue hotspot. Because in and around Hugenot, many people are involved in the fight against leukemia.

Only in the last five years, about 70 women and men from the city and county as well as neighboring communities have given the sick person the opportunity of new life through an anonymous donation of bone marrow or stem cells from the Aktion Knochenmarkspende Bayern (AKB) foundation. Patients were then treated at the Medical Clinic 5 – Hematology and Internal Oncology of the Erlangen University Hospital. In order to emphasize unselfish commitment, the AKB Foundation organizes regular gift-giving ceremonies – as it is now at the Erlangen University Hospital. Here are the celebrations of the employees of the Medical University of the 5 University Hospital and the Foundation of the Bone Marrow Foundation of Bavaria with about 70 donor stem cells from 20 municipalities, including Allersberg, Ansbach, Ammerndorf, Dachsbach, Dentlein am Forst, Eggolsheim, Erlangen, Feuchtwangen, Forchheim, Hilpoltstein Kirchhrenbach, Langenzenn, Bibart Market, Neustadt / Aisch, Nuremberg, Oberasbach, Obernzenn, Oberscheinfeld, Scheinfeld, Schillingsf├╝rst, Schwaig, Sugenheim, Uehlfeld or Uffenheim.

Although more than 33 million people are already registered in the global network to help genetically fit a patient, there is still no suitable donor for every fifth patient. It can be typified by anyone aged between 17 and 45 who is healthy and in good physical condition. It takes only a few drops of blood or a swollen cheek and a few minutes. By the way: donation of stem cells or bone marrow has nothing to do with the spinal cord. Today stem cell donations are usually performed outpatient through Armenbe. Only in 20 percent of the cases of transplants choose removal of bone marrow from rhinitis.

AKB Foundation:
Overall, the AKB Foundation deals with more than 320,000 potential donors, primarily from Bavaria. To date, more than 4,500 donations of stem cells have been mediated, of which three to four are added daily. Bayerische Stammzellbank gGmbH's core business and its wholly-owned subsidiaries are the expansion and management of donor databases, the procurement of stem cell donors, and the collection of stem cells and bone marrow. In order to fund the registration of new stem cell donors, which includes a detailed molecular-genetic analysis of tissue characteristics, the AKB Foundation depends on donations.