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For students of medicine: a digital look at the human heart

For students of medicine: a digital look at the human heart

Prof. Bernd Weber, a salesperson for studies and teaching at the Medical School, and Pablo and Rodrigo Olmos, executive directors and owners of Anima Res, signed a written cooperation agreement. Cooperation will further develop medical education at the University of Bonn. Together, partners want to develop and validate educationally useful educational units, as well as seek third-party funding for research and development projects as well as training measures. Joint scientific publications and publishing software in the field of medical teaching are planned.

And in medicine, the importance of digitization in learning methods and learning content is constantly increasing. Dean for studies prof. Weber emphasizes: "New technologies enable better visualization of complex three-dimensional relationships and increase learning success through interactive elements." With Anima Res, the faculty has managed to get one of the world's most innovative medical visualization partners. Collaboration in the field of cardiovascular and neurophysiology will begin to make complex phenomena, such as the expansion of heart stimulation, which is more graphic for students. Prof. Weber continues: "Our goal is to provide more and more access to e-learning to study and make them useful in our study programs."

For Pablo Olmo, Collaboration with the University of Bonn offers new opportunities for further development of his company's services: "Our goal is to make the medical education fascinating and accessible with potential disturbances of expanded reality – even for professional laymen and patients."

Prof. Bernd Weber
University of Bonn
Campus Venusberg 1
53127 Bonn

Pablo Olmos
Anima Res GmbH
In the middle 12
53129 Bonn

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