From crocheted covers to yogurt cups 2

From crocheted covers to yogurt cups

More than 200 interested people came to the workshop – The Future of Psychiatry at the Immanuel Clinic. After the performance of the puppeteer Suse Wächter, who led to the life of a great psychiatrist Sigmund Freud, chief physician of the Department of Psychiatry and Psychotherapy, Universitäts-Prof. Martin Heinze, presented visitors with a new concept of a university psychiatric and psychotherapy clinic.

Thanks to the new extension, which will open in a few weeks, there will be many innovations in Rüdersdorf's psychiatry: All psychiatric patients will be the central psychiatric outpatient clinic and reception center in the future. Spatially, there are new therapeutic options, crisis room and large dining room for all patients.

Teams follow the patients

Interdisciplinary, interdisciplinary teams of doctors, therapists and nursing staff will jointly undertake one roof to care for patients in areas of general psychiatry, geriatric psychiatry, addiction and psychosomatic medicine. There are also home treatments and teams in Fürstenwalde and Strausberg.

"In a psychiatric-oriented future, it's no longer important whether a patient is treated in a hospital, a day-patient, an outpatient or an equivalent in a department." The content of the treatment, the intensity and the place are important. The therapy plan is based on complaints and wishes, "says Martin Heinze.

What art can do

As the new concept comes to practical use, she has experienced the world premiere of the Just Intonation project. The artists of the "unknown spaces" group presented the result of six months of music and art research around the psychiatric departments of the clinic. The works presented here with titles such as "Filethäkeldecken-Entspannungs-Symphonie" or "Lebenszeitenweg" were created together with patients and employees. Afterwards, visitors could research themselves in the music lab. Whether it is yogurt cups or a two-hour ring of cheeses created at the Molkenberger workshops of Immanuel Albertinen Diakonie – visitors could see clearly the fun of experimenting. Patients had the same over the past six months, and some of them have progressed. "It shows what art can do, and we have come closer to our goal of disabling psychiatric hospital care," said director Alexander Mommert.