Greek Diet Practitioner - Healthy Weight Loss With Mediterranean Food? 2

Greek Diet Practitioner – Healthy Weight Loss With Mediterranean Food?

A diet that has a taste of the summer: Greek physician's diet is inspired by Greek cuisine, which aims to gently balancing nutrition with a balanced diet. And the Mediterranean way of life is reflected in the diet, because it is incredibly simple and relaxed.

Greek daddy's doctor – the idea behind her

Greek nutrition nutrition was initiated by Norwegian doctor Fedon Alexander Lindberg, born and raised in Greece. Inspired by a way of life in the south, a physician – a specialist in metabolic diseases and obesity – has developed a diet that internalizes this lifestyle and leads to a personal weight of feelings through a combination of balanced, natural nutrition, relaxation and enjoyment. But you can not just lose weight with this diet: it should also promote good health through healthy oils, high-quality protein, many vitamins and the absence of processed foods. This is even scientifically confirmed: studies show that Mediterranean diet has many health benefits.

Greek Physician's Diet Rules

The Greek Orthodox Medical Service relies on a moderate low-carbohydrate diet because white flour and refined sugar are rarely used in Mediterranean cuisine. On the other hand, the focus is on healthy, herbal fats and non-protein proteins. Here are some of the most important rules:

Carbohydrates decrease during diet, but are not completely prohibited. It is important to choose the right kind. The so-called glycemic load (GL) should help. It is calculated by multiplying the glycemic index – measures to determine the effect of carbohydrate-containing foods on blood sugar levels – the carbohydrate content per 100 grams. But do not worry, you do not have to be a math genius to understand the diet. Instead of hard calculations, it is better to point to a Greek physician's pyramid:

  • Low GL: Vegetables, legumes, low sugar fruits like berries
  • Middle GL: Pasta of durum wheat, basmati and wild rice, whole grains
  • High GL: Sweetmeats, potatoes, white flour and white flour (high GL)

Explain: The higher the glycemic load, the less likely that these foods will eat. The lower it is, the more you can integrate the food. They are being processed slowly, therefore they are severely affected by the level of blood sugar and make you full during a long time.

  • Integrate healthy fat

Healthy fats are especially important during the Greek physician's diet. Ideally, they are made from herbal high quality oils such as virgin olive oil. They give the body valuable omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, which, among other things, promote a healthy heart. On animals, saturated fat such as butter, sausage or cheese should be removed.

  • Low-fat proteins + eat lots of vitamins

Lightweight protein such as fish, chicken or yogurt completes a menu with plenty of fresh vegetables and fruits. Proteins keep you long, helping you lose weight and promote strong muscles, and vegetables and fruit provide vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

  • Work without processed food

Industrial processed foods are taboos during their diet because they contain hidden salts, fats and sugars; provide little nutrients, can negatively affect the metabolism of chemical additives and promote disease and obesity.

  • Eat a few small meals

The diet recommends eating a few small meals throughout the day instead of three large meals.

  • Calorie counting is not required

Fortunately, calories do not have to count on the diet of a Greek physician. But pay attention to their distribution. Daily calorie intake is optimally one third of the long chain Carbohydrates, less than a third of quality animal and plant proteins, the rest of natural fat.

Antistress measures accompany Greek food

Apart from a healthy diet, reducing stress also plays an important role during dieting. Therefore, you should knowingly take the time to enjoy and enjoy them, also with your friends or family. Exercises for relaxation, yoga, tai chi or meditation are also ideal for dealing with the stress of everyday life – disturbing our hormones and thus stimulating weight and disease problems. Dr. Lindberg also recommends regular physical exercise. There is already a 30-minute walk in here. For sports damping this diet is optimally adapted.

You took so much with Greek medical diet

The Greek Diet Doctor leaves it on you as much as you want to lose weight. You can lose up to one and a half pounds a week. It should not be more because then we not only reduce fat but also muscle mass. How much your slimming is, it also depends on the duration of your diet. It should be at least two weeks, but it is best to use them from a change in long-term diet. So you will achieve the best success.

Conclusion of a Greek doctor's diet

It's healthy, varied, summer and super relaxed: a Greek doctor's diet has a perfect sense and can be easily integrated into everyday life. Although it is slow, but more healthier and more effective. Due to a slight reduction in body weight, the body can be adjusted, reducing the risk of yo-yo effects. We also like the fact that diet not only helps to achieve the desired personal weight but also promotes good health and focuses on enjoying and enjoying the meal.

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