"I tested a mascot during my wedding" 2

"I tested a mascot during my wedding"

CFerragni is on the road full and knows how hard it is to always look good. After all, that's part of her job. The 32-year-old Italian, who started his career ten years ago in a classical street style blog, did not have to think twice when Lancôme sought her collaboration on a collection of beauty. "I was pregnant at the time when a capsule collection came in," she says at the presentation of a make-up product at the fan event organized by "Instyle" in Frankfurt. And she adds that her son Leo is on vacation with her mother in Sardinia.

Maria Wiesner

Then he talks about working with a French luxury brand. They have put a lot of emphasis on their thinking during development, she says, and then summarizes what was important to her product range: "It should be a bit of everything in it, so you can use it from morning till night and you have nothing else to do bring with you. "

The result is a pink shiny makeup box, whose wraparound is decorated with a blue pair of eyes. It contains three markers, blush, eye makeup, lipstick and shine. The notes are arranged to complement each other and are suitable for several skin types. In addition, Ferragni designed individual ruffles and mascara designs. She says she is also her favorite work, as she has been extensively tested in September 2018: "I was so crazy about my wedding, but it really lasts forever."

Asked about her secrets of beauty, Ferragni is on earth: "That's so hard, they always ask me." But no person in the world looks in the mirror and thinks it's the most beautiful. It's a big thing about our time on the internet that we do not have so many standards of beauty, because perfection does not exist anyway, "she says, adding a bit more practical:" I like makeup, easy to use The Weasel is instantly confident. One is ready to conquer the world immediately. "