"In my head is Christoph Kramer" 2

"In my head is Christoph Kramer"

Johanna Elsig is one of only three players in the field of the German soccer team, which has not yet been used in the World Championships. The 27-year-old Turbine Center Potsdam speaks in an interview about the captain's thanksgiving and master's thesis on running the team.

Daniel Meuren

The four World Cup matches are over, the knockout stage is in progress. Like Leonie Maier and Turid Knaak in the German team, they followed the entire 360 ​​minutes of the bank. Do you have any hopes for the task before the quarter-finals against Sweden on Saturday (18.30 in live betting at F.A.Z. for the Women's World Championship in equilibreplus.com and DAZN)?

Hope dies the last known. But, of course, I have to be realistic. Marina Hegering and Sara Doorsou have played all the games, especially in my central defense, but it is also difficult to get short term. It's almost like the goalkeeper's position. But I'm prepared for something to happen and I need it. Of course, I do not want anyone to hurt.

Is that the curse of the position?

Of course, as an attacker you sometimes have a lot more chance on a short-term assignment because the coach wants to put a special emphasis. And with it brings a lower risk. In defense, coaches prefer to rely on consistency in the game. There is less room for experimentation.