Myth or truth: beware! OVI 3 sunblocks are absolute nonsense 2

Myth or truth: beware! OVI 3 sunblocks are absolute nonsense

Sunscreen protects your skin from harmful UV rays.
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suntan lotion summer should be a constant companion. Because white liquids protect the skin from dangerous UV rays, and thus from premature aging cancerBut rumors over and over again that sunscreen is more harmful to skin than good. But what about these myths?

Sunblock in the car? Cuts do not completely protect against UV rays

For example, many people believe that you do not have to apply a sunscreen in your car. But I thought it was wrong: The indoor car also needs UV protection, as is the club magazine "ACE Volante" of the Auto Club Europa. In fact, only the windshield protects against all UV rays. Although side and rear windows protect aggressive UV-B radiation, UV-A radiation is mostly non-filtered. Definitely a cream!

DIY Sunscreen! Is coconut oil good as a sunscreen?

Another flaw: coconut oil can replace the sunscreen. This is a dangerous myth. At the time of waste prevention, some rely more on the DIY sunscreen, but this can greatly hurt the skin. Although coconut oil reaches a certain level of UV-B radiation protection. This is not enough. Oil does not protect against UV-A. Therefore there is no protection against skin cancer.

Nano-particles that protect the sun damage the body

It is true that not all of the sunscreen ingredients are harmless. There is a big difference between the chemical and physical sunscreen. In the latter, nano-particles are often placed. It is said that small particles of titanium and zinc oxide are harmful to health because they can penetrate into the skin. In one study, however, it has been shown that the skin does not pass through nano-particles in a healthy state.

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