Replacement is not a substitute 2

Replacement is not a substitute

One of the fastest civilization phenomena is a bikini figure. The fact that textile beach makers in all imaginable sizes suggest that there are many very different bikini figures. But he never writes about the existing, always just about those who are trying.

If you want to go there, you can not miss a women's magazine. And most of them swiftly rotate because they all fall into diet or exercise or both. If that was the option, she would have reached the bikini figure.

And as always, when something looks hopeless, one likes to be fooled: "A thin cake" is the name of a new book that promises: "Successfully skim the bread and the cake". He writes: "So I took 33 kg," and you want to know right now: who?

E 968 and E 967

33 pounds match BMI The difference between mirror image and bikini figure. The magic word in this case is called "Low Carb", the publisher promising "favorite sugary recipes".

The author only likes to eat sweets, which is why he addresses readers of his blog with "Hello Sweetys" and, secondly, replaces sugar with sweeteners. Eritritol and xylitol, for example, for the known ones: E 968 and E 967. However, the pies must be really thick and really sweet – otherwise the celery salad. But well, everyone must know for themselves.

In the publishing house's post, with the theme "From cakes to bikini figures!", Is the author now "easier through everyday life" and above all "found new love". That sounds tempting, of course. Unfortunately, "Tortenschlank" will not be released by the end of July. For now, this text here needs to be enough to replace it.

from Janina Butcher