Shirin David: Sister Pati Valpati in mini dress - fans are in a certain place 2

Shirin David: Sister Pati Valpati in mini dress – fans are in a certain place

YouTuber Shirin David has a hot sister: Pati Valpati. Post now a photo where fans look at the place.

Update June 28: YouTube star Shirin David (23) is currently mixing the German rap scene with his own productions:

"Give him" landed directly on # 1 on the ladders. But for a while he has been getting a Hamburg bidding from his own stable: Pati Valpati, sister Shirin David, also wants to celebrate. At least, many celebrity scene fans get the impression because: At Instagram, the sister likes to show her bang. A few weeks ago Pati Valpati surprised fans with extremely deep cleavage, now Hamburger with more than 231,000 fans on Instagram: In a new photo, Pati Valpati is shown in a green, ultra-short dress.

The video is provocative, many fans can only look at one place here: Between the legs. This is shown with some comments below the photo. "Safe zoom in the entire image," writes gabsy99. Perhaps Pati Valpati did not know she could be in a disadvantage when she posted a photo in her ultra-short dress? Instagram follower "haninjeb" commented, "I think I see your panties."

The Instagram fans are also astonished by this message: Victoria Swarovski caused a hot Leo bikini – This pose is known from the bedroom as an * report.

An old message: Hamburg – Wow! Long blue hair, full of lips and full bust. Shirin David (23) is a real treat for the eyes. Just sexy while featuring in her latest "Give him" music site (more than 23 million clicks on Youtube). And with her beauty clips she reached Youtuberin from Hamburg, is called bourgeois Barbara Shirin Davidavicius, Millions. At Instagram, the model has 4.6 million subscribers.

Sister Shirin David: Just like Kim Kardashian

But Shirin David, who recently sparked the thrill of a salty photo in a spa, is far from the only beauty in her family. Because her younger sister Patricia is now on social networks. from Pati Valpati Not only gives her nearly 163,000 followers intimate insights into her daily life, but also informs about diet, makeup and sexy clothes.

The Pati Valpati does not look so much like her sister Shirin David at first glance: with her long, dark hair and worn skin remembers more on the American star of reality TV Kim Kardashian (38), who soon expects her fourth child. Even those who look after the artificial puppetry look Shirin David have more pleasure in the appearance of their little sister: with tidy wood in front of the hut, with a sister excited and Shirin David, his narrow waist and long slim legs Pati Valpati Men under his feet.

Shirin Davis's sister Pati Valpati in a bikini.

© Instagram Screenshot

Kim Kardashian, Shirin David and Pati Valpati: Not all really

However, as is the case with Kim Kardashian and Shirin David, Pati Valpati is by no means all this: in Instagram, for example, he reveals that he was flushed with hyaluronic acid. And one too Breast Surgery she is already behind her. However, if you think you just need to look good, if you can not do anything else, Pati Valpati is completely wrong: She explains to Instagram: "I speak three languages, I play a violin and master Photoshop good enough to look like I would touch John Price is a biceps and can also move the ears and on good days I meet a low note with Beyonces Halo. "

Sister Shirin David: How can you be so hot?

Sister Shirin Davis Pati Valpati posed her in the garden.

© Instagram Screenshot

A mixture of hot optics, quick wit and intelligence comes in. The user writes on Instagram: "Can you stop to look so obvious and do it? even so funny and sympathetic? That's too much for a day. "The other asked sister Shirin David with enthusiasm:" How can you be so hot? ".

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