Summer Trend 2019: Haircuts, fresh from feathers 2

Summer Trend 2019: Haircuts, fresh from feathers

Summer Trend 2019: Haircuts, fresh from feathers 3

150 hair artists talked about new hair fashion trends in the "hairdressing club": it must be wild, but stylized.

Get to know 150 hairdressers and inside in the market Eisenstadt, then … no, not joking, but the latest creative vision hair styling This week, the focus was on the country's "hairdressing" meeting. They got tips and tricks from the creative team of famous hairdresser Paul Mitchell, in a live show, season trends are presented under the slogan "California Dreaming" and "Beautifully Undone".

Wild but stylized

First of all, good news for those who want to start the day evenly and not have to be tormented with this hairstyling To stop: The current trend is called "canceled style". a professional trainer Jennifer Wulf explains what it means: "This is cool and leisurely hairstyleswhich look like you got up – but nice. So, relaxed hair, but well-complexed. "Then maybe not the perfect solution for stresses to come up late, if you have to go fast in the morning."

Summer Trend 2019: Haircuts, fresh from feathers 4

Colors, colors, colors

Trend and relaxed waves – and of course a certain color palette. "Customers like blue," she says Wulf"In all possible shades." Whether it is sandy, with a strawberry red or with a gentle tone – blond is almost always inside. Dark hair owners can put this year blue or green elements that glitter "from the bottom to the top, making the color of hair" more interesting, advises Wulf to creative courage. And this year they are colored in shades of copper on the brighter surfaces.

As far as men are concerned, the trend continues with Barber's hairstyles – provided, of course, a man wearing a beard. Because this style combines the hair of your face and head with a complete overall image. Fancy and styled hairstyles This year, men are also very fashionable with men. Even color becomes more and more sought after, as it is Wulf White: "Actually, men like these metallic colors and subconscious tones that pass."

And the models at the "hairdressing meeting" of course hairdo missed matching make-up. Stefanie Lang grab it for it Topics of Paula Mitchell "California Dreaming" and "Beautifully Undone" included. "Purple, turquoise, blue – these are the colors that bring freshness and color to your face this year. It goes with the distinctive lines of the lids, shiny skin and blunt lips", says long, For Guild Master Diethard Mausserhat The "hairdressing meeting" showed "how modern and open is our industry trends and zeitgeist". Currently there are only trainees missing.

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The hairdressing houses are troubled by the newcomers

"We definitely meet women's quota," he says Diethard Mausser, Burgenland master of the guild hairdressers, no humor. Nine out of ten interns in his industry are still women, the relationship changes only slowly.

What unites 368 companies, but with other, especially craft industries, are new concerns. "There is a great lack of interns at the moment, and we hope that more young people will opt for a hairdresser's profession," says Mausser, whose industry, as well as others, has to deal with the demographic trend, ie the baby-boom age group. Burgenland There are currently 27 training companies currently trained by 54 trainees.