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The most healthy countries in the world and what we can learn from them


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The most healthy countries in the world and what we can learn from them

What are the healthiest countries in the world and what makes them so healthy?

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What are the healthiest countries in the world and what makes them so healthy?

Where do the healthiest people live in the world? The country's flagship index in Bloomberg was rated by 169 countries. We can take a lot of front runners. What really helps us to live healthy again in Germany? More here!

Once again, there seems to be evidence that a Mediterranean diet is good for your health. Spain is in the first place in 2019 the world's healthiest country! So, the country has not only scored five good places in the "Bloomberg Healthiest Country Index" since the last ranking, but Italy has also stolen the title. Germany, on the other hand, has not reached the 20 healthiest nations. What can we ask for from the Mediterranean countries?

The world's most healthy country: Spain is in the first place

The Bloomberg Healthiest Country Index estimates the country based on a variety of factors, including expected life expectancy, access to clean water, and sanitary conditions. Risk factors such as tobacco and obesity are rejected. Of the 100 points, Spain has reached a total of 92.8, making it the healthiest country in the world. Italy followed closely, which was in second place.

Four other European countries have entered the top 10 healthiest countries in the world: Island (# 3), Switzerland (# 5), Sweden (# 6) and Norway (# 9). Japan is the fourth most populous Asian country.

In total, the index includes 169 countries. Estimated countries must have at least 300,000 inhabitants and provide sufficient data for evaluation.

Where is Germany on the list of the healthiest countries in the world?

The top 10 Luxembourg, France and Austria were missing, but they are still in the top 20. This can not be said about Germany. Germany is ranked 23rd on the health scale behind the Netherlands, England, Ireland and Portugal.

In fact, in Bloomberg's Healthiest Country Index 2019, Germany lost 7 places in relation to the rank of 2017. Has the German population deteriorated in a health sense or has simply been found in other countries, remains open.

What makes Spaniards and Italians so healthy?

Spain has the highest expected life expectancy at the birth of all European countries, and the Spanish population is expected to have the longest lifespan by 2040. Spaniards should then have an average of 86 years.

But what makes the Spaniards – and the Italians – now so healthy? According to Bloomberg, primary health care with many preventive services is a key factor likely to have contributed to reducing mortality from cardiovascular disease and cancer in Spain in the last decade.

In general, Mediterranean countries are said to have a lower rate of fatal cardiovascular disease and higher expected life expectancy. The reason for this is, among other things, a healthy Mediterranean cuisine with many natural, rich nutrients and fresh foods, such as vegetables and fruits, healthy oils, fresh fish, legumes, etc., and less processed foods. This is, as mentioned above, repeatedly praised for its positive effect on health. By the way, the Japanese diet, which is ranked fourth among the healthiest nations, and whose nutrition on Okinawa has led to longevity, is not entirely different.

There may also be factors such as social interaction and community – ultimately, Southerners love being fed and sitting in big circles. Conscious handling of food, enjoyment and joy of life often felt by Italians and Spaniards can also affect your health. Then it does not matter if a decent piece of pasta or fried squirrels squash on the plate.

Facts about Italian cuisine

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Conclusion: Look at the Spaniards

First, surely environmental factors and medical care have made Spain the healthiest country in the world. But, probably, the South-European way of life has also contributed: Mediterranean nutrition, pleasure, community value, and attitude towards life. Since we, Germans, may be able to cut a few more slices in order to classify it in the next order in the top 20 healthiest countries in the world.

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