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Alissa Arch Enemy at the Full Force Festival: "Veganism is not Religion"

Alissa Arch Enemy: animal welfare activists, vegan, women's careers. Image: Getty Images / imago images / CTK photos


Alissa Arch Enemy at the Full Force Festival: "Veganism is not Religion"

It's damn loud and warmer this Saturday in the city of iron. On Location Ferropolis near Gräfenhainichen is held for the third time these days (and on the 26th) held a full moon festival. There are bands playing there Parkway Drive, asleep or Arch Enemy.

we have Alissa White-Gluz, a singer on Saturday night Arch Enemy, met at the festival and watched for one day. Alissa has grown up as a vegetarian and has been vegan for 20 years. For many people on the scene she – also because of the values ​​she embodies, model: animal welfare activist, vegan, female career.

The interview is part of the video portrait that Watson recorded at the full-fledged Festival in 2019. We watched Aliss behind the stage one day at the festival – From make-up to stage at which Arch Enemy played the headliner on Saturday. You can view the entire video at Watson on Tuesday.

Alissa, why are you a vegan?
Alissa White-Gluz: Vegan life is really worth it. My life as a tourist musician is extremely exhausting, and it's like a professional athlete. My diet helps me to be able to give 1000 percent each night in her performance.

You grew up in a vegetarian family. When did you decide to live vegan?
When I was about 13 years old. The reason: I looked more closely at the dairy industry and the egg and realized that the animals were just as wounded as in the meat industry. That is why I decided in 1998 that I no longer want to consume these products. Since then I did not do it and I will do it for the rest of my life.

Many think it is very difficult to live vegan. What do you say to that person?
It's just about changing habits. Of course, this is a change and changes can be quite difficult. But today it's pretty easy, much easier than 20 years ago when I became vegan. So far, vegan alternatives are available for everything you love and consume. Any makeup, shoes or cheese.

What advice would you give to someone who wants to live vegan but is still struggling?
There are usually three reasons why people decide to become vegan: either their own health or animal welfare, or the right animal or the environment. So I would advise everyone to look for the reason that best suits you. This will work because it is very motivating.

As a tourist musician, it's part of your job to travel a lot. How do you manage to live vegan?
When I became vegan, I was still in high school. Shortly thereafter I became a tourist musician. In countries where you do not speak a language like China, it was a bit difficult at the time. Also, simply because it was difficult to explain that idea. There was a notion of vegetarian, but not vegan. I've just eaten raw vegetables and fruits in raw form. Because I knew exactly what I was getting and did not contain animal content.

What has changed since then?
Today is much easier. Everywhere there are vegan options and even bookmarks to help you buy – even if you are in another country and you can not read the ingredients there. Then just looking for green & # 39; V & # 39; and I know I can buy it.

You also have to travel a lot and travel a lot by bus and plane. How does this fit into your lifestyle?
It is important that people realize that veganism is not a religion and that we do not want to try to indoctrinate anyone. It's about trying to make as much damage as possible. For my job, I have to travel a lot. Of course I think about it. That is why I try to live as conscious as possible in my daily life, avoiding everything that causes harm. This is the same for all: if you have a job that requires something that does not fit your own standards, then that is not the end of the world. You're still giving yourself everything. Nobody condemns you doing something that does not fit your standards, because it's important to your career, or because it's vital to life like medication. Food, cosmetics, clothing, on the other hand, you can control everything.

Image: imago stock & people / Eibner

There are many people who accuse vegans and even vegetarians of preaching. What do you say to them?
I've been Vegan since the '90s. So if someone is angry at him now, that's because he now comes to mind now, not because I've been preaching for 20 years. I know this is happening to many people these days. Then I advise them: The next time you are in the airport or shopping center, take notes. Write down how much advertising you can see on buildings, buses, or outlets. You will see that most, if not all, advertise animal products such as McDonald's burger, leather shoes, or fur. You will not see ads for vegan products. In fact, that's the reverse. Vegans are bombarded daily by advertising and marketing of companies and products we do not approve of. We are the ones we are preaching.

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