Breast Massage Rescues Women's Life 2

Breast Massage Rescues Women's Life

It was a shock but he saved her life: Holly Holly Whitney Drynan intends to expand her excessive massage oil on her breast when she uncovers a hard knot. Later diagnosis was cancer, which has since been successfully treated.

Hollie Drynan, 27, lives in Chelmsford, mainly in the center of the English district of Essex. The young mother did not feel good for several months because she was suffering from severe stomach pains. "I went to the doctor four times with tremendous abdominal pain," she says today in "". He even called urgent once, but there was no diagnosis. Period of pain or gluten intolerance? You did not know that.

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Massage after abdominal pain leads to cancer detection

To relieve the pain, Hollie finally began to rub her own belly with a massage oil. Maybe it was a way to get rid of tension. One day she spread an excess of oil on her chest – and she got up: during the massage she could clearly feel the hard point in her chest, which certainly did not belong.

In the later diagnosis the worst fears were: the ulcer was malignant, breast cancer had to be urgently cured. Only early discovery made the operation and subsequent chemotherapy positive.

Retrieved, but full of hope, Hollie Drynan shows on Instagram

Without cancer, but there is an increased risk

Meanwhile, the British are considered to be without cancer. However, during the investigation it became clear that Hollie suffers from gene mutations. The DNA test showed an increased concentration of p53 protein, which accumulates particularly in fast-growing cells. Hollie, diagnosed with brain tumor in 2005, now has to live with knowledge of increased risk. But maybe that's exactly what will save you life in the future. She will stay awake!

Strong for daughter Bell

It is still unclear whether months of abdominal pain are ultimately related to breast cancer. A common cancer symptom is not this pain. However, Hollie is grateful for suffering today because he knows: "Without pain, I would never find a knot in my chest." She is set to be strong, not just for her daughter Bell (1). if he is asking for a lifetime, "Do I have cancer?"


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