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Can not you lose your belly fat? These three obstacles can stop you

BORN you to lose weight? If you have problems burning fat on the stomach, these three obstacles can make you feel annoyed.

Is it difficult to move the waist around your waist?

Sometimes weight loss requires more than healthy eating and exercise.

Terri-Ann Nunns, founder of Terri-Annan's diet plans, discovered three factors that could affect your weight loss.

Here's her advice.

1. stress

If you feel anxious or are under stress, you can gain weight.

Terri-Ann said, "It can lead to body fat in your midst."

"Several studies have found that cortisol, a hormone produced as a response to stress, leads to accumulation of gastric fat."

Stress also encourages easy meals. This is another reason why you can overtake when you feel under weather conditions.

NHS adds: "Under stress, it's easy to catch a sweet picker.

"Do it often and you can gain weight."

2. Overcome

If you want your tumor to look straight, it's best to eat foods that will cuddle you in moderate amounts.

Sparkling drinks, processed meats and sweet treats can make your stomach swell.

To prevent this, you need to limit this food and drink plenty of calm water to make your metabolism go.

Terri-Ann said, "Boiling food can make your stomach look bigger than it really is.

"Drink plenty of water, exercise, and make sure you are rich in diet rich in fiber like whole grains, fruits and vegetables can help you avoid constipation and stomach problems, which can often lead to stomach disorders."

3. Klimakterij

If you go through menopause, you can notice that your waist is spreading.

As the estrogen level decreases during the change, the amount of Aldh1a3 can be increased, which increases the likelihood of getting visceral fat in menopause.

Terri-Ann added, "As we grow older, our metabolism slows down and the percentage of body fat begins to grow.

"The distribution of body fat changes with age, which unfortunately can lead to more weight in the abdominal area."

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