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Caution! So cheap is a cheap sunscreen

We all use sunscreen and skin cancer cream. But what many do not suspect: Most inexpensive sunscreen harms the environment. We explain why.

by Jutta Eliks

Immediately before: This article is not a call for sunscreen because of ecological reasons. In no case! Without sunscreen there is a risk of sunburn and skin cancer.

Much more about the type of sunscreen you use. Conventional sunscreen creams are usually non-biodegradable, which becomes an ecological problem when you walk crisply in the sea.

Why does traditional sunscreen harm the environment?

UV sunscreen filters protect you from dangerous UV rays. It protects you from sunburn and skin cancer. The problem is the chemical substances used as UV filters: Oxybenzone and octinoxate.

The International Research Team has found that these substances damage corals. They burn corals, damage their genetic material and affect their growth. Microalgae and phytoplankton are also damaged by chemicals.

Hawaii have already responded to these results, banning sunscreens containing oxybenzene and octinoxate from 2021 onward. Also, the pacific state of Palau 2020 leaves no more sunscreen that would harm the creatures in the marine world.

What alternatives exist?

There are mineral sunscreens that are biodegradable and also very suitable for sensitive skin. For them you have to dig a little deeper than traditional creams, but you can be sure they do not harm the environment.

Here you can buy mineral sunscreens on the Amazon:

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