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GROUP – web series pilot

Pilot Filing of MovieFilm Productions for the Feast of the Web Festival. We had to write / create / edit / run a webserver for only 7 days!

GROUP tells the story of the strangest session of group therapy ever. There is Tim, a gloomy mechanic, who has decided to build a time machine. And there is Sarniff, a doll-dog that just has a person connected to it. And, of course, Lily and Margaret, two … elves. These extraordinary heroes have to cope with their work on the problems in the group, while being forced by a strange cult called the Church of the Penultimate Sun.

The band was co-directed by Terence Cree, creator of "Oh, Inverted World" and stars of many of OIW's friends, as well as Alex Longo, Chris Bau, Pamela Bell, Ugo Lopez, Tim Kelly and Jacob Cohen.