Heidi Klum: Her new look is horrified by fans 2

Heidi Klum: Her new look is horrified by fans

Together with fiancé Tom Kaulitz, model mom Heidi Klum visited the gala amfAR in Paris. But her dress does not make her headlines, but her make-up. Unlike the usual one, it does not work well and makes Heidi pretty old.

Oh, what's going on there? When Heidi Klum and her fiancé Tom Kaulitz appeared last night on the red carpet at the AmfAR Gala in Paris, one detail was noted. Not deep cleavage or unusual clothes, but Heidi's makeup!

So naked in the face we never saw a mummy model on a red carpet. It seems that Heidi applied only a blue eyeshadow. No trace of eyelash, eyebrow pen or lipstick extension. Otherwise, the 46-year-old looks great looking exhausted in the amphora and looks older than her.

"I think your make-up artist hates you"

Reactions in social networks do not come long. At Instagram, fans say, "I think your make-up artist hates you." Another user writes: "Linda is making great make-ups that are always good for Heidi, but this time my tastes are simply not taken and seem so unfinished."

Linda refers to Heidi's long-time makeup artist Linda Hay, who is responsible for all Heidi who looks on official occasions.

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It seemed so long

If you think Heidi's makeup in a few seconds, you're wrong. At a time-scale video Heidi released at Instagram, you can see how much time it took for the former top model to look the way it looked.

Is Heidi bent over to Tom?

It is striking that Heidi Klum, with Tom Kaulitz, seems to have changed the look. More and more shows on Instagram completely unmuted. Does this work to satisfy Tom? Finally, the star of Hotel Tokio is also an advocate, say, very natural.

Basically, we think it's good when women show what they are and do not feel compelled to always wear make-up. But Heidina's radical change of style suggests that the motive for this is to satisfy Tom. First of all, the model of a mum would have to please another person, that is to say, to himself, maybe Tom and the first man Heid did to feel good and beautiful as he did – even without the perfect makeup.