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Hot Hair: These 3 hairstyles make you 10 years younger

For those who want to get ten years younger, this is the ultimate anti-aging program with immediate effect. How exactly should it work? Well, with the real hairstyle, of course! Because, believe it or not, hair can make us younger.

Hot hair: 3 haircuts that make us ten years younger

1. Push the game around our face

The undisputed number one in hair rejuvenation is and remains a pony. Because he cleverly conceals the first wrinkle on his forehead and plays very charmingly, whether it is too big or short hair: all the hairstyle with a bang suggests you look (at least!) Ten years younger.

2. Neuredan Bob looks light and wild

In general it can be said that Undone Hair is something very young, almost wild and with it very easy. Especially in combination with a bob or length cut, hair is immediately followed by laissez-faire. Anyone who is lazy in the morning combing their hair can now enjoy the fact that – deliberately or not – they spit great ease!

3. Hair Extensions

Nothing leaves you feeling like you are 16 years old, like velvet hair, sparkling pots and balls. Luckily, playful accessories are still in the way, so it's perfectly legitimate to upgrade everyday glitter and glamor haircuts.

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Text: Anaïs Eleni Bürklin-Papafoti