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Switzerland's eyesight: The 84-year-old swimmer hits Lake Zurich

Two accidents in swim in Zurich – the 84-year-old died in Zurich

The 84-year-old swimmer drowned on Thursday afternoon at Strandbad in Meilen on Lake Zurich, announced by the cantonal police. In addition, there was another accident in swimming in the pool in Hinwil. There the four year old boy successfully resurrected the rescuer. In an accident at Strandbad Meilen, the rescuer could bring a woman who floats in the water to the shore and tried to resuscitate her until the rescue service arrived. But all 84-year-old resuscitation efforts failed.

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The horse runs on the railroad while running and catching the train

On the railway route between Laufen and Basel, the horse came in front of the train. The animal is so severely injured that she died at the scene of the accident. The incident occurred shortly after 11 am on Saturday, the cantonal police said. The horse owner apparently traveled with the animal on Birs when he suddenly escaped from the horse and ran to the railroad tracks. It crashed with the regional train of the S3 line, which traveled from Laufen to Basel. The railroad was closed for several hours to recover.

The perpetrator injured the salesman in the attack on a shoe store in Zurich

In an attack on a shoe store in Zurich-Oerlikon, an unknown perpetrator injured the salesman. According to the city police, the perpetrator entered a shop in Welchogasse early Thursday night. The stranger immediately attacked the shopkeeper and pushed it to the floor. While lying on the ground, she hit her several times with a dull object. The man escaped unrecognized with a few hundred francs prey. The salesman had to be taken to a hospital injured.

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Missing a 72-year-old who was found dead in Beinwil am See

Missed since last week in Reinach, the Kulm district, a 72-year-old missing, was found dead. As they say in the cantonal police, crimes are excluded, and they suspect a medical cause. A missing person was found in Beinwil am See during Saturday night by security company workers during a public toilet tour. Emergency aid could only determine death. The deceased was last seen in Reinach last Monday and has since disappeared.