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The district attorney is in the Oettinger hospital

At the summer festival of the association, mayor Petra Wagner emphasizes the importance of the clinic

At the Summer Celebration of the Society for Promotion of Hospital Oettinger, Mayor Petra Wagner confirmed the important function of the smallest clinic in the network of the joint municipal enterprise (gKU) of the Donau-Ries administrative district for Nordries and neighboring Middle Frankon. With geriatric offerings, sleeping labs, and separation separation (artificial respiration), Oettinger Haus occupies a nerve in the hospitable landscape of the region, which has to be preserved absolutely.

The municipal director, Stefan Rößle, who is also chairman of the GKU Steering Committee, has come to the conclusion from the recent statements by the Bavarian hospital company Siegfried Hasenbein that there are too many hospitals in Germany to continue to hold three clinics in the Danube Ries district. "We at GKU stand next to our locations, and there is no reason to think about changing this structure." The Oettingen hospital is now even economically profitable for all three houses. "It was a while, it was quite different."

Rößle recalled the decision of the municipal council to provide a joint municipal enterprise with a subsidy of EUR 1.5 million a year for investments. Also, gKU care staff is on the right track. "At present, we have 20 more forces than we planned in the plan." The summer garden entertainment program in the clinic garden included a lecture by Werner Metzger's pharmacist about possible drug interactions as well as music interviews with the children's choir "Düzi". The dancers from SV Niederhofen-Ehingen performed dances and performances. (B)

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