Watch out for sunbathing

It's summer, the sun warms the ground with its warm rays, and the temperatures rise. Perfect conditions for long sunbathing, adjusting the tenses of the summer season. Then bathing in the pool, the lake or the sea and life makes perfect.

Often the evening view in the mirror after sunbathing is horrible. Only a few minutes unprotected in the sun can be enough to cause nasty burns. We from BAnane met with physician Katharina Rechel and wondered what the sun's burns could cause in our body and what to look for in order to avoid it.

Why is it so important to apply sunscreen in the summer?

Katharina Rechel: The sun has different types of air, UVA and UVB rays. This leads to skin and cell changes. With sunscreen you can prevent these skin and cell changes and prolong your self-protective skin when exposed to direct sunlight.

What health effects can cause burns?

Rechel: The health consequences can differ in two different radiations. UVA rays penetrate deep into the skin and damage the elastic fibers of the subcutaneous tissue. This results in faster skin aging and aging. UVB rays damage the upper cellular layer and do not penetrate so deep into the skin. Short time cause cell breakage. This causes a cleansing reaction known as sunburn. This can be seen from the fact that the blood vessels expand, causing redness and inflammation of the inflammatory cells to break the broken cells. Scarring and pain are also part of it. In the long run, UVB rays damage DNA, which causes the broken cells to sink and can not be divided. On the other hand, they can lead to the fact that the mechanisms of cell renewal are no longer working, which can lead to cellular degeneration and as a consequence of skin cancer.

What should you look for when buying a sunscreen? "

Rechel: Sunscreen has to be water-repellent in every case, so protection is also guaranteed in water. Also, it is an important time when someone is exposed to the sun. So the sun is strongest at noon and weaker in the morning and in the evening. The sun protection factor, short LSF, prolongs the time that can be kept in the sun with the appropriate factor standing on the cream bottle. People of medium skin type can spend about ten minutes in the sun without sunscreen. When sunscreen with SPF 30, this time is 30 times longer, which means you can now spend 300 minutes in the sun without getting burns. The precondition for this is, however, repeatedly cremation, since the effect of sunscreen is time-worn and also in contact with water. For good sun protection, UVA protection should be one-third of UVB protection. This can be identified by the circular UVA logo on the bottle.

Creaming is really important to your health. Even a few sunburn can cause serious health consequences. Therefore, even if this is not the most profitable interest, if you sweat and want to cool in cold water, you should always consistency and leave the sun cream for at least five to ten minutes before bathing. Sunscreen acts as a barrier against aggressive sunlight and makes a visit to the lake at the end of the day not only for the soul but for the skin as well. Mia Eck

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