"Why should he be treated if he is not a disease?" 2

"Why should he be treated if he is not a disease?"

SPER politician Lindner's proposal before decision: ban on trying to treat homosexuality.

Vienna Bastian grew up in a strictly religious home in Bremen. He was a homosexual and therefore he felt guilty. For nearly eight years, he was tortured by "conversion therapy", that is, conversations, prayers, and demonic exorcism, because he wanted to solve his feelings, which were considered false. In the end he fell into depression. "Therapy" made him mentally ill.

Every year in Germany there are thousands of such "conversion attempts," explains Jörg Litwinschuh-Barthel of the Federal Foundation Magnus Hirschfeld. He addressed the topic of conversion therapy; on behalf of German health minister Jensa Spahna, who recently announced a ban on these practices.

In Austria, the parliament is now withdrawing. SPÖ, Neos, Now and ÖVP will approve the motion resolution this week. MEPs call on the federal government to "immediately submit to the National Council a government bill on the ban on the use of conversion and" reparative therapy "for juveniles.

Proposed amendment

Mario Lindner (SPÖ) has already filed an application in December 2018. "We've been discussing this issue for a long time, but we're always on the granite. Now things are finally coming to the affair." There was only one amendment agreed with the POM, which states that psychiatric and psychotherapy experts should be involved in legislation.

The Austrian Society for Psychiatry, Psychotherapy and Psychosomatics (ÖGPP) in April 2018 spoke about the views and therapies that give the impression that homosexuality is a sexual malformation or a disease that can or should be corrected for interventions. In addition, the ÖGPP warned of the potential risks of such conversion therapies. They would move from insecurity and irritation to psychiatric disorders or even suicides.

Malta has already decided in 2016 to ban "conversion therapies" for people who are particularly vulnerable. In March 2018, the European Parliament condemned controversial proceedings by a large majority.

However, the Institute for Marriage and Family of the Episcopal Conference, however, critically looks at the overly prohibition, conveys "Kathpress". There is a risk that the freedom of therapy, sexual self-determination and the right to freedom of worship may be compromised. The recognition of priests, pastors, or laity, who follow and advise people in the sense of Catholic doctrine, could be affected by sanctions, fear of the institute. Mary Linder's proposal is undivided that sexual orientation is a stable personality trait and any effort to change that does not strengthen homosexuality is a harm to a person. Lindner rejects criticism. "Why would someone need to treat someone when there is no clinical picture?" Above all, the belief that homosexuality can be healed or even "cured" has not lost anything in the 21st century. Official homosexuality is not a disease since 1992. It was then removed by the World Health Organization from the International Classification of Diseases.

Praise from Vorarlberg

Michael Andreas Egger from Vorarlberg The LGBTIQ club GoWest gives honor to Mary Lindner. It's amazing what he did. Just a few weeks ago, the decision to ban the conversion therapy would be unthinkable. "Suddenly, a parliamentary majority is possible." There are no known cases of such "reparative practices" in Vorarlberg, Egger. It's been 20 years ago. "We are a conservative country, but in this area a little more contemporary." Feldkirch's bishop is fortunately very open. In other countries, unfortunately, there are still victims that psychiatrists, pastors, or priests want to cure from homosexuality. How many really are, I can not say, especially what a little talk about it.

This was done by Bastian from Bremen. It actively supports the political debate in Germany by openly reporting on its experiences with "pseudo-therapeutic attempts to change". He personally concluded with the chapter himself.

"The belief that homosexuality can be cured has not lost anything in the 21st century."