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A man convicted of sexual acts with children

On May 21, 54-year-old Swiss was faced with the Plessur District Court for multiple sexual intercourse with children as well as multiple pornography in Chur. The accused, having no knowledge of his age, committed a sexual relationship with three boys under the age of 16, paying between 300 and 400 francs each. During the search of the house, police also found 54 video films and dozens of photos with pornographic content.

Detailed billing

The State Attorney's Office Grubunden requested a suspended prison sentence of twelve months and a fine of 4,000 francs. He also asked the court to order the accused to undergo ambulatory psychotherapy, which he worked since 2016.

The defender, who sought a suspended sentence, criticized the cost accounting of the plaintiff: demanded detailed costing. Because of this, the court did not open the case at that time and demanded from the prosecution a detailed statement of costs and costs of the investigation.


Meanwhile, the court ruled. The Accused was found guilty and sentenced to a parole sentence of 300 daily in the amount of 160 francs and a fine of 4,000 francs.

He was also ordered to undergo ambulatory psychotherapy during a two-year probation period. The convicted person was paid 532 francs at the expense of the Canton of Graub√ľnden, and this amount will be reimbursed at a cost of 7818 francs.