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Diet is the best cure

Question: What factors of the environment encourage the risk of gall bladder formation?

Bruns: The most important risk factor is nutrition. Excessive weight is more frequent with gallstones than normal weight. In addition, age and gender as well as hormonal influences play a role. This is also true for estrogen intake. It is also known that suitable gallstones are suitable for the formation of bile stones.

Question: When is a family physician or stationary object sought?

Bruns: Typical complaints usually bring patients to a family physician. This will then clarify the causes. Diagnosis can almost always be verified by ultrasound examination. In addition, it is necessary to make a blood test and exclude other causes. If it is proved that the cause of gallstones is the removal of the gall bladder should be done during hospital stay.

Question: Are Alternative Drug Therapy Alternatives to Taking the Gallbladder?

Bruns: Diet is the best cure here. Healthy nutrition and physical activity can drastically reduce the risk of gallstones. For the statin group and ursodeonholic acid, the effect on the production of gallstones has been demonstrated. However, that is not a good alternative. In the case of acute inflammation, antibiotic therapy may be initiated. Here it is recommended to remove the gall bladder later.