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Elizabeth Chandler, a well-known eyewear specialist, gives tips on how to keep untouched natural lashes …

A beauty expert working with television stars such as Strictly dancers has shown how to keep the natural lash extension or elevators intact for longer than expected.

Elizabeth Chandler, a shaved expert from London, warns that spending £ 50 or more on improvements does not make sense unless you take the right steps to take care of them.

While lashes last for three to four weeks, they can immediately get off without proper care.

It has been shown that some beauty products should be avoided – especially facial oils, while steam rooms may also endanger the glue.

"To get the most out of your eyelash extensions, you should not use greasy products – everything that is greasy or heavily perfumed will affect the glue," said Elizabeth.

"Lashes do not like steam, steam baths and saunas are definitely not recommended, but long hot steam baths or showers have to be taken into account.

"For the first 24 hours, your eyewash technician may ask you to keep your eyelashes dry, depending on the glue used.

"The adhesive does not dry, it cures, that is, after it is extended to a natural eyelash, it begins to harden as the moisture in the atmosphere begins the process."

The expert has discovered other tips to extend the lifespan of the eyelashes: "You can wear makeup, but it's very important to remove everything from the eye area."

"Eyeshadow is naturally accumulated in eyelashes, as long as a non-fat makeup remover is used, everything is fine." Gel eyeliners can accumulate in lashes and be quite "sticky". Avoid the gel. Pencil is more desirable. "

While she also said it was important to brush the eyelashes, "If you started to moisten lashes after the first 24 hours, you will need to thoroughly dry your eyelashes after showering.

"There is a specific technique for eyelash brushing – you need to rest and clean the bottom with your finger, which will separate them and prevent them from falling like your hair."

When she talked about why she entered the business whip she admitted: "I've seen a lot of family members and I was intrigued by how natural they were. They were used by technician Nouveau Lashes, so I immediately signed up for the course.

"I already had a job of beauty, so the introduction of eyelashes was a great advantage for my clients. They were not so popular. I was almost immediately thrilled and decided to specialize in a year. Initially I rented studios in Mayfair and Belgravia.

In 2014 she opened her salon in Southeast London called LASH: "We were one of the few salons in the country and became extremely popular.

"I learned all that worked for me to develop a unique style for LASH. Early I decided to develop my own brand of eyelashes.

"I'm a trained eyelash instructor, a full member of the Guild Therapist teacher, and an accredited trainer. I like to take care of it and I really enjoy it when I see my students progressing."

In 2017, LASH sold it to build more accessible business on a personal level with high-quality clients and established a residence in W Hotel.

Elizabeth, who believes that the enlargement of the eyelashes or lifts will completely change her life, said: "My brand has evolved, as well as my reputation as perfectionist and dedicating myself to the styles my clients love, and also the care of the natural eyelashes for me is a top priority . & # 39;

From her high-quality clients, from attorneys to fashion designers and influential to tough dancers, she said: "I was fortunate enough to have large clients who trust me over the years." It's important to be the absolute best I can be.

"I'm still so excited about the end result and I like to work with new clients who may not know what to expect from their experience, but they feel refreshed and incredible."