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Family: Woman dies of carnivorous disease in Florida

A 77-year-old woman was infected with carnivorous bacteria and died almost two weeks after she fell and her legs flicked while walking on the beach in Florida, her family said on Monday.

Wade Fleming told the Associated Press that her mother, Lynn Fleming, who retired to the coast of the Florida Gulf, dropped and dropped to Coquin beach water while her family was visiting Pittsburgh. The wound swollened and continued to bleed, causing you to urgent care where it was, prescribed antibiotics, and fired on tetanus.

The woman was taken to the hospital a day later, where she was diagnosed with eating a flesh and died on Thursday after two blows and organ failure.

Lynn Fleming's death follows a twelve-year-old Indian girl who scratched her fingers and hired the same rare bacteria she met during her Florida vacation last month at Panhandle Beach. Bacteria thrive in hot salty waters and are usually found in the south. Kylei Brown has almost lost his leg, and physical therapy has to walk again.

A retired Charleroi banker, Lynn Fleming, dreamed of moving to the area south of Tampa.

"He always wanted to move to Florida, but my father was half retired, and he was a captain of charter," he said. "After he died, he pulled the trigger."

Four years ago he moved to Ellenton, where he walked, played cards and shared dinner with other retired friends from the club.

The day you walked on your feet, you took one of the usual beach walks. Wade Fleming said the family did not think much about the cut, that's 19 millimeters. But blood continues to drip. Lynn Fleming invited her son and family to a monthly dinner at the retirement community the night before returning to Pittsburgh.

"You would never know something was wrong," Fleming said.

After your son and family left, the wound got worse and your friends urged you to go to the emergency room where you shot the tetanus and prescribed antibiotics. The next day, when your friends were supposed to deliver prescription drugs, they found you half-conscious on the floor of the bedroom. You hurried to the hospital.

It was said to be infected with meat-eating bacteria, necrotizing fasciitis. She died after two strikes and septic shock during surgery, saving her leg.

Last Updated Date: 02 Jul 2019 01:04