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Fans can aggravate allergies

For some, a pleasant dream is almost impossible. Almost everyone whose flat suffers from heat, will warm up in the warm months with a fan. However, as it turns out, it can be harmful to sleep with her – if you are prone to allergic reactions.

Fans can increase allergies


Do you have an allergy?

Some have to sleep and stay cold during the night. Keeping others awake, causing asthma attacks and drying eyes. For some, even an allergy to pollen can worsen. Through movement in the room, she swirling dust and pollen is constantly dropping. If someone has a tendency to allergies, asthma, and fever, this is why they have to give up their fans.

Dry skin and irritation

Otherwise it should be discarded before use. With regular use of the fan you can also get dry skin. Some people sleep with half-opened eyes. They can then dry out and cause skin irritation. Also, for contact lens holders, the use of fans may be problematic.

But fortunately there are alternatives. To cool and not sleep with a heated body, there are simple, healthily acceptable methods we have here for a cool apartment and here for a quiet sleep despite the heat. Take a cool bath or shower, regularly drink cold drinks and attach reflective material to the windows.

Even air conditioners without a pollen filter system or models often used in hotels, air pollutants and smoking cigarettes can increase the symptoms of allergies.

If you want to know how many pollen can carry wood:

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