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Forget the classic beauty tips: What can we learn from prostitutes?

Somehow I imagined Annette as Pamela Anderson. Blonde, slim, big breasts. She was the first prostitute with whom I interviewed my novel and surprised me. She looked totally naturally, practically dressed, short hair, beautiful face. Annette began buying at the end of the 70s at Eierberg in Bochum. She liked her better than going to a taxi, she remained in the brothel for 15 years. "You make a huge mark on your butt and your suits," one of her colleagues assured her, but Annette could not believe it. With your body?

The belly is expensive and still sexy

She had a belly of surgery and did not feel well. But then the babies praised, even for the stomach, and they came back all the time. And there were the customers who were actually the monks of other bitches, Annette's women were more beautiful than themselves, and these people paid Annette's services even though she did not offer anything cheaper. They also considered her very sexy.

Marleen is 26, a student and a whore. In her youth she learned that she was too skinny. No curl, little chest, that's not sexy, she thought. Until he started shopping. Now he knows it's hot. Likewise, there are also fat prostitutes whose business model is to satisfy men who married thin women – probably due to prestige. They create a "giant badge" for socializing on Barbie designs, even if you prefer to have something to touch.

Why are only prostitutes so relaxed with their bodies?

The question now can be: why are people sting for what they will leave in their hearts? Or vice versa: why were the women I was expecting to be Barbie's designs so exposed to their bodies? They are round or small, without a breast or a lot of nose. Nothing lessens their sexiness or self-confidence. Why?

Thesis: Since brothels prove that conventional ideals of beauty are unreliable. These are places where Hollywood, fashion shows or advertising do not determine the value of the body, but the market. If the offer can be met on demand, you can easily read the price.

The least decorated picture of the whole internet

Of course, self-confident diversity and gluttony can not be found in all the prostitutes. Pictures of Puffa prove that the cliché from the extension and the silicone breast is coming from somewhere. The pressure to work on their appearance, even some whores feel very clear. The famous Dominatrix Undine de Rivière, for example, lost nearly 30 pounds and published a text on a diet blog. No, the sex workers industry as a whole does not positively positively affect the body.

But if you look a little closer, you will find escort pages such as "" and probably the least-decorated pictures of the whole Internet. There are cellulite and big belly, old women and hipi specializing in tantra. And everyone has a fan base.

Of course, no one would love it. Being cuddly can not be the only key to a better relationship with your appearance. Actually, this has to come from the inside, of course. But it is easier said than done, because: How does consciousness of one's own beauty come to one another? Probably not about Barbie hacker beauty like Pamela Reif. We learn from the bitch.

1. The beauty of the brothel

Not every aspect of life has to be a competition. In the Pieke Biermann's Harry Manifest "We're Women Like the Other," Kitty's prostitute says nicely: "I mean, that's all, you know, one stands on black, one on the thick and the other on the thin. Actually, I do not know the case with us.

So where there is actually a free market competition for the best look, you can even match without competition. If so, we certainly do not have to compare and evaluate each other. Oprah Winfrey is beautiful, Iris apple is beautiful, Melissa McCarthy, Pamela Reif, Amy Schumer, you, me. The world is beautiful because we are different.

2. Do it as a domino

Kat Rix just decided she was dominating now. On the first day in the dome studio she had no experience, she was not particularly happy and had to "find the dive". How did he do it?

"It's fake until you can," she says smiling as she hits a coffee in Neukölln. She wanted to be a scared woman, so she decided she was one. It sounds easier than it takes time. But what helps is Dominapose.

She spins like Wonder Woman posing through various life-hacking online. Standing on your feet, putting your hands on your hips and raising your chin is considered to be an effective position of power, which is written in the body and strengthens self-esteem. But in fact, this pose belongs to the Dominas, who cast their beauty and strength into the world of men and before finding Wonder Woman. All of us should be more domineering – and occasionally we take their pose and take a deep breath.

3. Welcome to the Club of Courts

Assuming that I wanted to make money with sex, it would be far more profitable for me to spend months in gym, diet, and buying new breasts. What do I live for at this time and how do I pay for my breasts? Do I really make good money when I finish like 80 percent of women in inflatables? I think it is far more generous to give up than optimizing anything beyond the norm.

In the end, all marketing whores have to deal with what's great in them. And many are actually taking themselves for what they are. All positively formulated. It's something like this: they're not fat, they're Rubens ladies, they're not pale, they're wild. They are not old, they are mature. They do not have a solid swimmer, but they are proud of Valkyrie, and … and whether it's bad to be old or fat, it's still on the second list. It's just a positive tone. Whores have to find their USP, their unique selling point – especially in their appearance.

Exercise for self-esteem

Practical self-esteem: Create a profile on an eskort page (or even offline) and work together to see why you're attractive. So attractive for you to pay for sex. Do not misunderstand me: I'm just talking about exercises, not about real loading or buying a profile. It's not about career counseling, but about a new look at beauty. It's not about the real price you can ask, but about your value.

The annette of a gastric crease is barely triggered by loosening today. Attractiveness and transparency are very close. Let's start and let the world be more colorful together. And more beautiful.

This article was first published in NEON 08/2017.

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