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Frenchman: These things would never do during sex

The French are not just leading in fashion, but also sexual champions – what French women would never do during sex, we discovered and say here …

Not only in fashion, skin care and hairstyles, we can watch a lot from French ladies, they are also known for their qualities in bed. Because their reputation is a great French lover and has him in the bedroom in him, which of course applies to women too. French people love love in every respect, which is an art that begins with seduction and ending with love. Much time is spent and proves perseverance and dedication. But there are some things that you would never do during sex: Of course, for you, we found out what this is and where we could look at our French neighbors …

1. Struggle your problem areas

If we succeed in learning one of the French girls, it is standing by his body with all his little blemishes instead of trying to fool him with the shape of clothes, push-up, and so on. Only those who are in harmony with themselves and their body can also lower their sexual intercourse. The less thoughts you make yourself, if you have a couple of pounds too much on your hips here or there, or if your position looks good from all perspectives, you can completely leave your partner in bed, and French women can do it perfectly. .

2. Wear a push-up bra

Wherever we are at the next point: The French would never force a push-up bra to make their breasts look bigger because they are in the body and prefer to emphasize their own merits. You know you can be much more beautiful with a seductive bustier or lace corset. And let's be honest: at least when it comes to taking off, it flies to the fence anyway. 🤷♀️

3. Shave completely

The ideal beauty of French looks to be as natural, but extends to other areas: whether under the armpits or in the pubic area, even the entire shave of the body, most French women do not hold much. As the trend in 2017, because many women in France decide not to shave their legs, it is not usually. But discreet intimate hairstyles are definitely a trend among the Parisians.

4. Wear too much makeup

Instead of holding backing and roses, French women prefer subtle make-up. While most French women do not even use a corrector, they prefer to focus on individual traits, such as eyes or lips, and look irresistible even with a mascara and a red lipstick. This is true for bed: False eyelashes and Co have no work, instead they feel sexy with beautiful underwear and naturalness. 🔥

5. Only missionary position

Another thing we can turn away from the French: In bed is never boring! They did not consider them anything to be a sexual champion, which is not just about frequency but quality. It also means that someone is keen to experiment, dares to try out new things and different positions – so it stays exciting with them even after many years.

6. Silence

But the French are also masters of great words and flattering compliments. Silence during sex does not matter to them, instead they love their beloved person in nice words and warm their bedding – because not only with visual stimulation sex becomes even warmer, but dirty talk can contribute. However, they always remain charming and do not exaggerate.

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