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GLOBAL 2000 on FPÖ: Do not let them crush you in the glyphosate scythe!

Protect humans and the environment from dangerous pesticides

Vienna (OTS) After FPÖ boss Norbert Hofer said on Saturday that three weeks ago, his approval for a complete ban on glyphosate was "not yet decided", the Austrian ecological organization GLOBAL 2000 urges Hofer to firmly retain his word and Austrian In order to allow for excretion glyphosate. This is what the Austrian population expects, especially those more than 50,000 people who have participated in the European Citizens Initiative "Stop Glyphosate" initiated by GLOBAL 2000.
Dear Norbert Hofer!
Do not let ÖVP bring you into the mood! Make sure your party keeps their word and allows the full ban of glyphosate. The "light version" of the ÖVP is false because it excludes agriculture. But as you know, the use of glyphosate in agriculture is the major cause of contamination of glyphosate in water, soil, food and nutrition. in the human body.
You are aware of the dangers to health and the environment. You explained this to Parliament. Likewise, you know that only a complete ban can reduce these burdens. Therefore, your decision should be light on Tuesday.
However, if the ÖVP argument refers to the "unlawfulness" of the complete banning, we point out that the basic "legal opinion" has been commissioned by ÖVP and have since been kept secret. We believe that legal opinions that are less transparent than the secret Monsanto's glyphosate studies are fundamentally problematic. Such secret opinions should therefore not play an important role in important political decisions. More than that, in the concrete case, it seems that reality rejects the alleged illegality of the total ban. Only for France, only in 2016, I was pulling out the controversial Chlorpyrifos insecticide from the market. In September 2018 there was a ban on all neonicotinoid pesticides. France has stated that "more than ever, it is forbidden to prohibit plant protection products that are dangerous to bees".
Dear Mr. Hofer,
Tomorrow the FPÖ and its parliamentary club will be able to ensure that Austria is ahead of the ban on herbicides containing glyphosate. Please take over this responsibility! People deserve it.
Further background information can be found in our newsletter "Glyphosateverbot Light" – Is Mogelpackung coming? For personal chat we will be happy to help!

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