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Heidi Klum announces a photo of a parody and a nasty comment: Conchita Wurst with her husband in …

Heidi Klum currently has a less fortunate hand for successful Instagram posts. A new photo by Heidi and Tom Kaulitz starts their fans.

Updated July 2: Heidi Klum publishes images of his life on Instagram every minute. Do not always reap the desired verbal applause of your fans. Like the recent picture, Heidi shows up with Tom Kaulitz on a red carpet in Paris. Tom is wearing a suit, open hair, Heidi a kind of kimono, open at the front.

The followers can hardly have good hair on this footage (… in the true sense of the word …) "Sometimes always on top, this time, unfortunately, nothing's wrong. Make-up and hairstyle make you look very old, dear Heidi , the dress is not at all, "one writes. "Conchita Wurst with a woman in a bathrobe," commented the other. "The beauty and the beast, only wonder who is beautiful," is the next comment.

Heidi Klum: False action in bed with Tom Kaulitz – fans laugh

Our article from June 23: Paris – Will Heidi Klum (46) soon become Heidi Kaulitz? Coming soon, a model-mom with 17-year-old younger fiancé Tom Kaulitz (29) in front of the wedding altar. In your Instagram account you can now give you an indication of how these two pigeons are broken by your last name. Heidi released an intimate video with her fiancé in bed, under which she wrote "Sunday Morning at the Kaulitz".

Video: Wedding Tips in Klumlitz?

Some followers speculate: "Have you already married?" Others are certain that Heidi Klum, who has recently shocked his fans in Paris, accept the surname Tom. Just weeks ago, the roommate of GNTM sparked rumors for the name when he signed the autograph with "Heidi Kaulitz".

Heidi Klums Follower: "Oh, disgusting, do not do it in bed!"

But not just about the title, the followers are wondering, even the content of the video. To see: Toma Kaulitz with a laptop on the bed next to him is the family dog ​​Klumsche. Hey, get him coffee and drink his chin. "In bed, disgusting, and the dog is still inside!", "Something you do in the bathroom!", "Poor cleaner!" The worshiper writes, "I'm already drinking from a cup. I'm just saying.

Otherwise, Tom Kaulitz had an opinion on Heidi Klum as a 17-year-old. An old "Bravo" interview was revealed that speaks a lot.

Video: Heidi Kaulitz instead of Klum? Signature with Tom's last name

Heidi Klum continues to publish love pictures with Tom Kaulitz of Paris

Heidi does not mind Shitstorm. She is busy publishing pictures from Paris, where she is currently leaving with Tom and her children. Last week, their followers were upset when Heidi Klum announced the Hilten Video "Hans and Franz". In addition to revealing photos, the model of Mom on Instagram, but also familiar with her humor – has recently been ridiculed by Tom Kaulitz – fans have gone through: "As a monkey in a circus". Heidi Klum will soon be presenting a new show – there is Kaulitz.