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Heidi Klum announces a photo of the money and making a nasty comment: "This time, unfortunately, nothing's wrong …"

Two lovers in the city of love: Heidi Klum and Tom Kaulitz are currently traveling through Paris. But the latest post from the holiday model makes fans just for horror.

Paris – Actually, Heidi Klum and Tom spend their free days in the city of love, but for the snapshots of the holiday they get all but the gentle comments of their fans. It's a detail on one of her latest posts that shocked users.

Even though at first glance it looks so idyllic: "Paris," Heidi comments on his last post and adds a lot of six-letter hearts. Conveniently, she sits with a big smile on board and sails along Sene.

But her fans also recognize the ship in a completely different place: "They have the oceans instead of the feet," they blaspheme and find "this foot is enormous."

Heidi Klum bareboat on a boat trip

In fact, the model is on a boot without a shoe. But especially when it comes to the conclusion of her legs, Heidi would, by their fans, rather take her nose. Because they are looking for models to make beautiful legs – after all, they always say.

Their work welcomes criticism: "She gets the feet of an old lady," some openly write, while others are even more straightforward and demand: "Man, put your legs, grandmother!"

Apparently, Heidi actually has 42/43 shoes, which is far above the average German woman. At a height of about 1.76 meters but at the same time less surprising.

Reaction of fans on foot photo Heidi Klum

But as always, Heidi can rely on his devoted fans. Not only to warn the words "Watch Your Head!" In front of the bridge in the background, many just rejoice in the model: "You see, you are happy! Super cute!", Writes and praises the 43-year-old, what a great woman.

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Some say that Heidi belongs to Paris, because it is the most beautiful city in the world – and she is the most beautiful woman in the world. And anyone who is as successful as Heidi Klum, not only because of his looks, can afford to live a great deal – even if it can literally mean it.

But not only does Heidi excite his body with his body and he likes to appear without a shell, her fiancé Tom shocked the fans with a hairy mustache.

What fans are waiting for even more than the special place they have is the marriage of in love money. The fact that this could be earlier than expected, now suggests a photo.