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Influencer Recognizes: My vegan diet has ruined my health

In the best intentions he dropped so much – and he obviously hurt himself. Influencer Virpi Mikkonen, who as Instagram's "Vanela" provides more than 150,000 followers with tips and tricks he swore to veggies because he realized he was harming her!

No gluten, no meat, no dairy products, no sugar – Virpis was radical. So far she thought it would be the best way to feed her. But in an interview with the British Daily Mail, she now clearly shows that she probably suffered from malnutrition.

At 37, menopause was announced

Her symptoms: Virpi fought with flu symptoms, had broken nails – and her period ended. Menopause with 37? It seems that hot flashes have confirmed suspicion.

When a blogger was reviewed by an expert on Chinese medicine, she noticed: She does not like her diet! The doctor told her to stop eating so much raw food – Virpi mostly fed juices and salads of raw ingredients such as cucumber, spinach, parsley and other vegetables.

post She confided, "She told me to eat cooked meals and eat hot meals." and: You should start eating animal products again!

And so Virpi started to turn his back on a radical diet with success. Today, the influencer sometimes even eats animal products, including eggs, once called "chickens".

"Today filled with energy"

Meanwhile, he feels much better and stronger, Virpi says in an interview: "Like my tank was empty. I felt empty. Today I am full of energy"That's great." Virpi in the meantime also gets time to return – and makes it easier: "I thought: Okay, I'm back in the race!"

Even if it is better with animal products: Virpi Mikkonen attaches great importance to the fact that Vegan way of life is not fundamentally harmful either. She suffered because she had a lot of stress in her life in general – for many of her followers, the restrictive diet she has lived for years, works well.

How do your fans react?

After all, Virpi was just afraid to say animal truth to his followers – after all, they already had them some other vegan attackers have experienced a heart attack after caught eating animal products. But most of Virpi Mikkonnen's fans responded with understanding: "Thank you for sharing your experiences and being so vulnerable to us," for example someone writes.

Virpi Mikkonnen has today found a nutrition style that suits her and makes her feel good. And that shows us: We need to listen to your body and take care of your own health – even if we have to break it for some precious habits!

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