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Jetlag adé

Summer, sun, beach! If there is no such flight and time difference.
People are animal habits. Everything that breaks our routine is blocked. We can not sleep on the plane at the destination of dreams. Flights and time changes affect our normal sleeping rhythm – the result is a smoothness. You need hot tips.


They can hardly sleep on the plane, and even more because of the time difference

Whether vacation or business – sleep is of great importance to our mental and physical condition. Only in the sleep can we regenerate enough. But how do I get back to my destination?

Many travelers suffer from jet lag. This sleep and wake rhythm disorder occurs especially in long-distance flights across multiple time zones. Simple tips help the body in conversions.

2 Tips for Changing Sleep Rhythm:

  • training:

    With seasonal changes in time you can get used to the new sleeping time. It is best to go to bed a few minutes earlier or later just two weeks to make the time easier to change.

  • Sleep Drinks:

    For short-term changes in time – such as during a trip – you can change your sleep patterns using herbal aids. This also applies to frequently changing sleep rhythms, which are particularly problematic for people with shift services.

Jetlag adé 2

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