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July 13 Physio Fit in Elspeu celebrates its 20th anniversary – from 11am to 4pm

With its professional and highly motivated staff, Claudia Berg is proud of two decades of intense orientation towards patients. From simple beginnings over time, we have successfully expanded. In the jubilee year, the practice employs ten state-approved physiotherapists with additional qualifications as well as three competent instructors in rehabilitation sports, yoga and pilates and three receptionists.

July 13 Physio Fit in Elspeu celebrates its 20th anniversary - from 11am to 4pm 2

Individually designed therapies and treatment plans are developed and implemented in modernly equipped treatment rooms with the associated family fitness space. The range of services is wide ranging from physiotherapy, manual therapy, temporomandibular joint treatment, neurological treatments to Bobath and PNF (propioceptive neuromuscular facilitation, used in all medical specialties), manual lymph drainage, classical massage, foot reflexology, migraine, cold, The application of thermal energy and a variety of wellness options, the range of health services is almost perfect. Of course, if a patient is unable to practice, the practice also offers home visits.

Rehabilitation, prevention of back / spine, yoga, pilates and aqua courses are part of the daily plan of practice. There is also an intensive support for Parkinson's disease. New courses start in September: diabetes and relaxation course. For a few years now there is a confidential and professional cooperation with the St. There, the therapist with additional training cares about residents in individual and group therapy.

Viegener's contact is also practiced in all aspects of health promotion at work and ergonomics. In annual health days it advises and informs employees of Viega at lectures and tasting sessions of pilates, yoga and relaxation to health.

July 13 Physio Fit in Elspeu celebrates its 20th anniversary - from 11am to 4pm 3

In the open day, visitors can meet new hydrojets.

Photo: Physio Fit

All interested can experience a new hydrojet on the open day on Saturday, July 13th. This massage pad for expansion extends therapeutic options in practice. Experience the soothing elements of classical massage and the effects of heat therapy in one application. Hydration treatment is completely unproblematic and means very little effort for the patients. Sit comfortably and do not have to take in the pleasantly cool water and feel the warm jet of water relaxes the tense muscles. It is very important to have complete freedom from the side effects of this new application.

For the jubilee on Saturday, July 13th, from 11am to 4pm, visitors will have the opportunity to meet all offered health services, and for the physical well-being of this day all interested, patients, friends and acquaintances will be provided.

The presentation program also includes interesting lectures, introductory courses and short massages. A wheel of happiness, an aperitif bar and ultimately, but not least, Cilly Alperscheidt, known as a funny comedian outside the Sauerland, is having fun on the day of the anniversary. Revenue from this informative day of the Physio Fit practice anniversary Claudie Berg and her team will be donated for charity purposes.