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Kylie Minogue: The tears of joy at the Glastonbury Festival

Emotions have accumulated

Pop icon Kylie Minogue (51, "I should be happy") appeared on Sunday as a headliner at Glastonbury Festival. The pop icon was overwhelmed with emotions during her performance. In May 2005, Kylie Minogue was diagnosed with breast cancer. At that time she had to cancel her performance at the legendary festival. After fourteen years she was now on the famous "Pyramid stage". For 100,000 listeners, she said in tears: "I'd love things to be different, but life is the way it is."

Five different clothes in the suit

She was surprised in five different clothes. She opened an emotional performance in a light silk blouse with shiny golden points. For this he combined the white trousers and the gold band Stelle McCartney. After that, the singer threw himself in a red glossy PVC floor dress. After changing the bones, Kylie Minogue sat down in a purple embroidered, transparent dress worn with flowers. The attractive sleeves on sleeves and skirts underlined this glamorous third look. Then she presented her in a bright red suit for the whole body, combining boots in her ankle, but the highlight of the night was Minogue's fifth clothing item: the finals wore a 50-pound midi dress (about 56,000 euros) of Kolchag's Barba was covered with glittering golden stones. The high slit for the legs and the golden belt added glamor look. Her long blue hair was worn by Kylie Minogue open during her show and was lit up in the light waves. During makeup, the singer decided for a dramatic gray-blue eyeshadow, a mascot and a black cap.