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Learn the Healthy Lifestyle of School!

Medical Journal Online, 01.07.2019

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The president of the BKK requests

Health should become an independent subject in schools, Dr. Bach Dr. Klaus Reinhardt. His proposal receives praise and criticism.

Thomas Hommel

Learn the Healthy Lifestyle of School!

According to Reinhardt, the president of BKK, small children should be educated about healthy eating.

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BERLIN, New President of the German Medical Society (BEK), Dr. Med. Klaus Reinhardt urged the children to systematically inform about healthy lifestyle even in school.

"Health promotion should become a school subject – and even in elementary school," Reinhardt told the "New Osnabrück" (Monday). He urged countries to take concerted measures to put health prevention into school curricula.

His proposal came to the approval of scientists. "There are a number of major gaps in school curricula, one of which is a professional health and illness study," said berlin sociologist and co-initiator of the National Action Plan on Health Literacy, Professor Klaus Hurrelmann, on Monday at Ärzte Zeitung.

Research has shown that children and adolescents "scary" have little knowledge of health and illness and also lack the ability to attain the necessary information at the right time and apply them in their own situation.

"According to our analysis, nearly 80 percent of young people want health as an entity because they are aware of these deficits," says Hurrelmann.

According to the analysis, nearly 80 percent of young people want health specialty.

Professor Klaus Hurrelmann Sociologist and co-initiator of the National Action Plan on Health Literacy

On the other hand, the demand for health as a separate school subject faces opposition to Verband Bildung und Erziehung (VBE). "I do not believe we are launching a new topic for every problem," said National President VBE Udo Beckmann of Ärzte Zeitung. The school is not a company to repair social deviations.

Otherwise, promoting health is already a topic in schools – for example in biology classes, says Beckmann. Ultimately, however, it is an "important cross-sectoral task that can not be assigned to just one subject". Likewise, the Conference of Länder Education Ministers argues.

Suggestion: Establish School Health Professionals

Alternatively, VBE proposes the establishment of so-called school health professionals. "These specialists provide medications, help in maladministration on the playground, and also counsel children and parents about health problems," explained Beckmann. Project models have shown that healthcare professionals in school are a factor of healthy students.

The demand for early promotion of health literacy is not new. For example, at the German Medical Conference in Freiburg, 2017, delegates have already voted for inclusion of health topics in teacher and teacher training as well as in school curricula.

In all schools the subject of "Health and Prevention" should be introduced from the first grade to the graduation.

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  • Learn the Healthy Lifestyle of School! 2
  • Learn the Healthy Lifestyle of School! 3
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[01.07.2019, 16:16:55]
Dr. Ellis E. Huber

There are school-based preventive officers

Dear Mr. Reinhardt,
there are already medical and educational health school specialists:
And where cooking is done in schools, there is also teaching skills. Here the high school Mömbris with its school bistroom in Lower Franconia gives an example:
And then politics should ensure that school lunch develops as an area of ​​teaching and learning, as shown in Finland. In the current state of school catering, every lesson about healthy eating and eating habits is not credible. If the model is not good, the educational offer is questionable. But I thank the initiative because doctors also need to serve the health of the population according to the professional code.
With respect
Ellis Huber
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