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Microdermabrasion: What Is It Right?

As for the latest beauty treatments, I'm a real caterpillar – who loves to change her old skin for a new one. All the procedures that have nothing to do with syringes, poisons or knives make me directly curious. So I'm wondering what the microdermabrasion will bring to the dermatologist.

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Microdermabrasion: What Is It Right?

"Microdermabrasion gently cleans the top layer of skin with one device," explains Dr. Med. Elisabeth Schuhmacher. "There is an abrasive particle sand on the soldering iron, with diamonds or sponge, which manually remove the skin." At the same time, depending on the device and the method, lean skin cells are sucked lightly to the strong and discharged through the gut during treatment.

There are three types of (micro) dermabrasion treatments available:

For whom is microdermabrasion appropriate?

"Generally, individual procedures are suitable for any skin type and virtually any skin condition," explains Dr. Med. Shoemaker. "However, you need to withstand inflammatory acne, extremely sensitive and low-collagen skin, as the bacteria may spread to the face or cause irritation, otherwise the method has only advantages – from scarring to pigmentation disorders – and completely without risk and why me. "

Helps microdermabrasion:

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How exactly does microdermabrasion work? Test

By getting into practice, Vanessa Rappel, a medical beautician, first analyzes my skin. Since the temperatures are warm and the sun is high, it advises me to use a gentle method of microdermabrasion – microdermabrasion of water, so that the sun does not irritate the skin afterwards.

First, the skin expert gently cleanses the skin to remove dirt and bacteria. In the second step she carries a peeling. For me she selects an enzymatic peel that lightly releases the top layer of skin with papaya enzymes. Depending on the type of skin, it is also possible to work with a more intensive peeling of fruit acids, which works more effectively against wrinkles, large pores or impurities. But they should not be used during the summer because the skin is more sensitive to light.

After toner neutralization, the treatment with microdermabrasion is performed. The sponge applicator with a sponge and a water jet spray the face of a beautician through circular and stroking movements. From the essay comes a mild water jet, which gently removes the epidermis (the top of the skin layers) – a completely pleasant feeling, with no trace of pain. Much more feels like a pleasantly moist massage.

After removing the upper layer of skin, the skin can be cleaned very well manually. Vanessa Rappel therefore removes small impurities and dandruff from my face and then disinfects them without alcohol so that after the microdermabrasion the skin does not irritate. The same is true for nursing: the active ingredients of impurities or anti-aging vitamin sera can now also get much better in the skin cells. I get soothing and moisturizing skin serum and an extra mask with green tea. Finally, Vanessa Rappel wears a sunscreen – and that is certainly very important.

What should be considered after treatment?

"If the treatment is over, avoid sun and solarium," Dr. Elisabeth Schuhmacher follows. "Everyone who goes to the sun for three days should use a sun protection factor of 50 days and protect the skin with a hat." It is also recommended: "About 72 hours after treatment there are no hard drugs such as acids and only mild detergents without the use of alcohol, then you are on the safe side."

Microdermabrasion: pre-result – result

Immediately after the treatment, my skin is very soft. I have the feeling that it absorbed the nourishing substances. The skin cells are well-moistened, and the cleansed areas are barely visible except for a few small reds. Advantage of microdermabrasion: The beautician had to make much smaller pressure during cleaning. My Advice: Combine the cleaning procedure with microdermabrasion to keep the skin clean and gently remove the pimples and bumblebees.

Microdermabrasion: How often?

A professional should be given treatment every four weeks, which corresponds to approximately a 28-day cycle of skin rejuvenation. With severe keratinization, skin treatments make sense even every two weeks. Who piling at home, the device can use about once a week but should pay attention to some things.

Microdermabrasion at home: you have to know that

From brands such as Philips or PMD, there are now Microdermabrasions home appliances. They work on the same principle, but they can not do that much. To avoid skin damage, always clean the Microdermabrasions thoroughly, otherwise there is a risk of spreading bacteria to the skin. It is also important: always work only with gentle pressure, otherwise it may cause injury to the deeper layers of the skin.

Microdermabrasion: That's the price

In practice Dr. Med. Elisabeth Schuhmachers uses microdermabrasion on the face and neck about 140 euros. If the neckline comes with it, it costs about 180 euros per session, including tips, professional cleaning and care. You can also combine them with other anti-aging treatments. Microdermabrasion devices for the home are available from 90 euros.