Self-confidence below zero 2

Self-confidence below zero

etime for the semi-finals in the Grand Slam tournament: This is the goal of Alexander Zverev who traveled to Wimbledon this year. Even after the first day on the holy grass, a 22-year-old professional tennis player has to wait next time. On the 17th in one of the four main tennis tournaments, the number five on the world rankings fell on Monday in Czech Jiri Veselyj 6: 4, 3: 6, 2: 6, 5: 7. The 25-year-old left Zverev broke his teeth, he is on the ladder only as number 124 but is considered an open lawn expert. He was twice in the eighth finals at Wimbledon. Hamburger in southwest London was not better.

Peter Hess

Alexander Zverev in the normal form would still beat the giant 1.97 meters. But as often this year, the Germans lost the thread after a good start. And once in trouble, he can not get out of it this season. Zverevo lacks trust and plan of meeting as soon as his powerful first service does not bring the desired success. Also, the ability to read the game does not work very pronounced. So he managed a nearly two-meter professional not to adapt to serve Veselys. Over and over again, he was surprised by the target ball on the body. Even in the myths, the Czechs were more likely to play the German, because he could put Vesely before relentless tasks. The ball was an example of Zverev's cramps. He hit the ball after good preparation with the help of volleyball in the net.

Zverev's insecurity in the field refers to the confusing situation in his environment. A well-decorated world with his father Alexander higher as a coach and boss, his older brother Mischa as a training partner and friendly advisor, his manager Patricio Apey as a link to the financial world and a ring tampon to the outside world and his girlfriend is confused. Since his girlfriend, since disagreeing with his manager, he has a legal dispute over the proposed termination of his contract, his brother has less time for him because he married and became a father, and his father's relationship is not as obscure as he is always either.

The separation of the manager is charged with the Zverev junior

Alexander Senior abandoned his youthful desire for greater autonomy when he was asked to sign the tennis legend Ivana Lendla as an additional trainer last autumn. Until then, Zverev himself set the course, not as strict as the first years of a tennis family project, but still quite clear. With Lendl there is a new influence on Zverev junior. It has been shown that the triangular relationship is difficult to implement. Outside, Zverev kept his posture and appearance, but sometimes differences between Pope Zverevo and Lendla were recognized, and several ambiguous statement from Coach's father about Lendula showed that he was no longer in possession of exclusive powers. And Alexander junior stands between them, does not want to spoil it with either his father or a tennis legend. Weight: Two coaches have more frequent views and approaches to the game. Meanwhile, the relationship is so tense that Lendl, who has never commented on his participation in Zverevs, and Alexander's senior, are avoiding each other. So his father watched in front of the television screen at home failed to play his son at Wimbledon instead of taking care of him as before. At the preparatory tournament in Halle, Father Zverev left when Lendl arrived. In Paris, Dad Zverev was there and Lendl was gone.

Still, Zverev junior seems to be pulling off his manager Arpeya, who is not very friendly. Without mentioning the name of the manager, the tennis player spoke to people around him who had severely injured him in the last two days. "What is happening is just awful," he added, adding, "I can not say anything officially." He feels mentally stuck, affecting his game. "I have not missed Veselija today because of my tennis, my confidence is below zero," said the 22-year-old, but Zverev junior announced that he would draw true conclusions from his situation: "I have to get rid of things if I want to play well again. I have a few months to go to US Open and I'll be fine. I've always said I'm going to make a break in the US Open at Grand Slam.