Should spinach be on the list of doping? 2

Should spinach be on the list of doping?

The tugged man with a tattoo on his left hand has just reached 90 years. Popeye had to bring her to this age until she finally found an explanation for her unilateral dietary preferences. As is well-known, the popular sailor gets unlearned power as soon as he is consumed by Spanać. Green vegetables are necessary for the doping of the pope before he has won his evil and initially superior opponents.

Scientists at Freie Universität Berlin now describe how spinach can increase muscle strength. The drug attorney Maria Parr studied 46 men for ten weeks, some of whom had been ingested by dietary supplements of Ecdysterone, which is also found in the spinach. "We saw an increase in power that was greater than any other," said Parr Bayerischer Rundfunk. In a specialist article, Berlin researchers also describe that the muscle mass of the examinees increased and that they were better off in squats and benches.

So far, neither spanace nor ecdisterone are on the list of forbidden substances – just because the hormone is found in crabs and numerous plants that can land on the menu. "This will, hopefully, be revised and reviewed again in the coming months," Parr says, meaning that the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) should forbid ecdysterone in the future.

"Without training the spinach does not bring anything"

"It's certainly a good thing to look after, but the effect on effectiveness has to be examined in greater detail," says Martin Bidlingmaier of Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München, a consultant to Wad, from doping expert. As a "Russian secret", since the 1980s, it was suspected that the substance was mixed with cocktails to improve performance. Also in natural remedies and traditional Chinese medicine, the substance is included.

Investigations on humans have so far been rare, which is a merit of a new study. However, only 24 out of 46 participants received substance training, while other respondents formed control groups. "After all, without training the substance from the spinach does not bring anything," says Bidlingmaier. In addition, the young men did not increase their strength three times, as initially referred to as premature. Instead of 83, instead of 83 kilograms, Ecdysteron 92 was used instead of 83, instead of 83, placebo 86. An increase of nine kilograms in relation to three kilograms is significant, but given the small number of participants and different initial values, "success" is quickly relativized.

In addition, lovers of spinach do not have to worry about how to lose to eat to drugs. For ecdisterone concentrations, as found in the study, the gurman should have eaten two kilograms of spinach per day, in an experimental group with a higher dose of even eight pounds. Even Popeye was not in such amounts. Maybe the astonishing potion of Asterix and Co should finally be explored. Given the influence of Gala, who even recorded it with Roman cohorts, the potential for boosting Druid Brew's strength seems to be greater. (Editors Tamedia)

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