These natural remedies help you with menopause 2

These natural remedies help you with menopause

Swelling, bad mood and overweight: Menopause is a tough test for many women. What can you do with the symptoms of menopause and what natural remedies really help, we tell you here …

As a woman you have to suffer a lot: First, hormones change in puberty, years of menstrual problems, then pregnancy and eventually go back to menopause. Life with hormones and above all Hormone changes are not that simple.

Above the video: You need to know about menopause!

Your optimal diet

First and foremost is good and balanced nutrition. Although food does not have a direct impact on your hormonal changes, proper nutrition will make you feel better. Many women also suffer from weight problems during menopause. What used to be right now is suddenly too much.

Good reason to follow dietary rules:

  • Drink plenty of water.

  • A lot of protein: So you will stay longer and prevent weight gain.

  • Eating three times a day is enough. If you are Allows munching, blood sugar levels can be properly extinguished and fat metabolism can be increased

Healthy bones

What many women do not know: Bone density is decreasing with the onset of menopause. The cracking process you do not notice. That is why it is important many calcium dairy products, tofu and legumes to take you. You need to be careful with the entry calcium supplements be. As the commercial journal "" reports, a recent study by the Tanjin hospital in China investigated a total of 50,000 people aged 50 and over. The researchers compared subjects who took calcium and vitamin D to subjects who only received placebo supplements. Result: Fractures can not be reduced by dietary supplements. The hip fractures were even more common of the placebo group. It is better to take the missing vitamins through the diet. An additional check of your orthopedic bone density can also help prevent broken bones.

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No coffee without night sweats

In the evening, a fire of pasta, glass of black wine and finally espresso: If you like Italian cuisine, visit the restaurant better at noon. Because even before bedtime, carbohydrates, Alcohol, spicy food or caffeine to take you, it can favor night sweats. It is better to eat protein rich in the evening and drink only water. So part of the fish with salad or omelette with mushrooms is a better choice for an unhindered dream.

Live this sport

To relieve symptoms of menopause, the exercise helps you! Exercise and regular exercise prevent countless diseases and even improve the quality of your life! For example, a study conducted by the School of Health Sciences in Granada has shown that women in menopause are better mental and physical health if they are moving regularly, like a portal "" reported. 48 participants had already achieved good results afterwards three hours a weekExercise not only improves your mood and health, but also helps control your sweating.

Estrogens: That's a real dose

Long-term hormone therapy with artificial estrogen has been used as a remedy for menopausal symptoms. Today it is known that hormone therapy is going through menopause cancer can lead. This is the result of a comprehensive study of the WHI in the United States, of which it is "" reported. Therefore, it is better to increase the level of estrogen with food. above all Soya and flaxseed products contain estrogens. Even if you can not stop menopause, the symptoms will still be alleviated.

Chocolate makes you depressed

Although we like to think that chocolate makes you happy, current studies show the opposite. In a college study from London University, more info 8000 respondents examined. "" reports that while eating sugar, the body releases the hormone of luck serotonin. However, at more than 67 grams per day, this will eventually turn the opposite. That's how it was 23 percent of all subjects with high sugar content in a diet that is permanently depressing. This connection is a vicious circle, especially during menopause. Now you can not use an additional mood killer.

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