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Vacation on vacation – tips for stress!

On Thursday, July 4th, summer holidays begin in Niedersachsen! So your vacation travel by car is just a good mood and without frustration caused, we have tips for Holidays in 2019 ADAC summed up.

The worst obstacles on the way to vacation are the construction site. Except
2 is not one of the major freeways on the construction site in the north. A 1 and A 7 are traditionally narrow throats. Driving without congestion and disability is unlikely. With good planning and patience you can still get relaxed.

The first wave of waves has already passed

The first federal states are already on holidays, i.a. Hamburg, Schleswig-Holstein and Hessen. Niedersachsen and Bremen will begin on July 4 and no later than July 12, when a settled holiday in North Rhine-Westphalia begins, it will be very tight in the streets.

When is that tight?

The peak days of congestion here in the north are on weekends from 5 July to 11 August, always from Friday to Sunday. Unfortunately, Sunday is no longer a peaceful journey. If possible, you need to travel on Tuesdays or Wednesdays. Otherwise, less free time in the day, ie evening hours on Friday, use the Saturday very early or from the early morning and Sunday early or late in the evening.

Where is this happening?

ADAC expects that, especially in the urban areas of Bremen, Hamburg, Hanover, Osnabrück, will be narrow and, of course, everywhere, where there are construction sites on major traffic routes, especially on narrow A1 and A, as always, Elbtunnel and Alternative routes in in the direction of the North or Baltic Sea.

Plan your vacation on a vacation!

But with good preparation, the trip can still be relaxed. First analyze the planned route: What are the construction sites along the route, which are worth the alternative route and what is the current traffic situation. Drinks and snacks should be there, and regular vacations keep everything on board.

Check the car before departure

Before starting, check the battery status, tire pressure, and oil level. Especially for large distances, check the air conditioner, brakes and wiper blades.

Check travel documents before leaving

If you are traveling overseas, we recommend the Green Insurance Card available from the Insurer. This also applies to EU countries. Look again if your passport is still valid. If you need a vignette or billing card, take it before your break. It is often possible online. Please check again if you need an international driving license in your country.

Children on board

If you go on vacation with your children, plan enough stops. ADAC recommends you to pause every two hours. Use childrens playgrounds in service areas and imagine games, audio books or movies.

Jam: Employ or drive?

Avoiding (mostly clogged) Disloyal is only due to the full closure of the highway due to an accident or if it is expressly recommended in traffic. The 10km blockage on the highway is better. Actually, of course: a hard shoulder is a taboo as a tape, and going out and running around are also banned, even if the traffic is over.
Even if the trip to rest is stressful, we look forward to the best time of year!