Weight Loss With F-Factor: With this diet you can eat very well 2

Weight Loss With F-Factor: With this diet you can eat very well

Balanced, simple and super-efficient: F-Factor Nutrition has enjoyed great popularity for several years now, for no reason. Because with this weight loss strategy, we can finally eat enough. Why the pounds continue to fall and even the health benefits of this diet – we have explored the most important facts for you.

Weight Loss Due to Wunder-Carbs: An Idea Behind F-Factor Diet

The F-factor diet is not very new because in 2007 it was developed by American dietician Tanya Zuckerbrot. The hype around the concept, however, does not want to disappear until today, after all, it is still timely, healthy and helps in achieving personal weight of dreams. In the first month, you have to lose three to five pounds and no hunger or feeling that something has to be dropped. Secret Nutrition? Dietary fibers are called carrots "a miracle of carbohydrates". Because plant fibers and kidney substances, mostly carbohydrates, have a serious influence on the blood sugar level, which optimizes fat burning and prevents the desire. They also fulfill you for a long time. We eat less, but we do not have to starve. Apart from nutritional advantages, fibers have a positive effect on health: regular consumption stimulates intestinal activity and protects the intestinal mucosa, provides energy and strengthens the heart. A recent study shows that daily consumption of 25 to 29 grams of fiber can reduce the risk of heart disease by up to 30 percent.

F-Factor Diet Rules

The F-factor diet focuses on high-carbohydrates (hence the name as "F" means "fiber", meaning "fiber"), which includes light proteins such as fish, chicken, tofu, egg or yogurt as well as plenty of fresh vegetables. The most important rule: Every day, at least 35 grams of fiber must be on the menu. They can be extended over the recommended three meals plus one meal per day. Whole grain products, oatmeal, quinoa, proso, legumes, seeds, nuts, rich fiber vegetables such as chicory, broccoli, carrots, cauliflower or sweet potatoes as well as fruits such as apples, berries, oranges and others , pears are especially suitable. In addition, you should not forget enough water. Tea, coffee and alcohol (in moderate amounts) are also permitted.

Weight Loss in Phases: This is how the diet works

The F-Factor diet is divided into three phases that help you gradually reduce weight and maintain weight. Everyone can decide how long it will last – the optimal, the first and the second phase last for at least two weeks; The third stage should be seen as a permanent change in diet.

Before that, it is important to understand the so-called claims about the net carbohydrates. This refers to the amount of carbohydrates that can be consumed at each stage. At the beginning it is set at a low limit of low carbohydrate to be successfully reduced, in the second and third stages it is slowly increasing. To calculate the value, you must always seize the fiber content of the total carbohydrate content (read only on the nutrient table) – this results in net content or net carbohydrates. The reason for a small problem in math: While dietary fiber is mostly carbohydrates, it can only partially or not be digested in the intestine, which is why you do not need to turn it on. So phases look in detail:

  • Phase 1: In the first phases, less than 35 grams of pure carbohydrates are consumed. You eat low in carbohydrates and lose more weight.
  • Phase 2: In the second phase, the net carbohydrate limit is 75 grams. You eat again a little more carbohydrates, but you still do not get weight.

  • Phase 3: In the last, lasting phase, be careful to stay below 125 grams of net carbohydrates. This is the optimal value for maintaining a new weight.

Why lose weight with this diet

There are several reasons for eating success: Firstly, we eat less because of improved fiberiness and we can have a diet without a boring feeling of hunger for much longer and more relaxed. High-fiber carbohydrates also have a positive effect on blood sugar levels as they stabilize. This liberates less insulin (pancreas hormone), which promotes fat burning and prevents the formation of a new pelvic floor. In addition, there is a predetermined carbohydrate limit, which ensures a low carbohydrate effect and quickly reduces weight, especially at the beginning of the diet. On the other hand, low-fat, nutrition-supplemented proteins are saturated and prevented from losing muscle and not fat.

ELLE conclusions about the diet of F-factors

We believe that the F-factor diet is quite reasonable because it focuses on balanced nutrition and lowers weight slowly. It is unlikely that yo-yo effect will occur; the desired weight remains permanent. Since most people consume too little fiber, it is also very sensible to eventually feed the nutrition through the child more consciously. Promotes not only weight loss but also our health and regulated digestion. It is important to slowly and continuously increase the fiber content so that the body can get used to it. Otherwise, especially if you do not drink enough fluid, you can quickly feel symptoms such as nausea, flatulence or constipation. But these are the only risks you can not do anything bad in this diet due to a varied diet.

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F-Factor Diet: Discover the Secret of Permanent Weight Loss: Discover the Secret of Permanent Weight Loss


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