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Weight Loss With Stand Up Paddling: These are the best SUPs for each budget

Stand Up Rowing is one of the urban trends. In rich water areas, you will see people roaming at their boards everywhere in the rivers, canals and lakes in the summer months. The Potsdam Lake and the river landscape in the immediate vicinity of Berlin, for example, offer innumerable opportunities for SUP tours. On the other hand, at SUP Club Hamburg you can make a SUP course with certified Alster coaches. The new SUP station in Scharbeutz in the Baltic Sea, where you can not only borrow a board, but also take a jog for SUP.

Weight Loss With Stand Up Paddling:

Whoever the paddle stands, knows: The original Hawaiian water sports are not just fun, but also an effective core training that invokes all your muscles. This is especially the case for the obese abdominal muscles, which ensures a flat stomach. More muscle means the body is getting worse. 45 minutes of calving burns up to 300 calories. Who works Stand Up Paddling several times a week (preferably two to three times a week) so it can tighten the body and lose weight.

You can stand on a paddle on an inflatable board (short: "iSUP") or on hardboard made of fiberglass or carbon.

These are the best SUP for each budget!

Favorable: for beginners

When selecting the right SUP board, select the panel according to your category. Robust inflating models are ideal for beginners and families. Appropriate piercing drop usually consists of aluminum and plastic. Make sure the blade blade is not too big – because the bigger it is, the more intense movement in the water.

At the beginning, SUP feels very tense. Therefore, it is important to pay attention to the width and thickness of the board when purchasing: the wider and longer the plate, the more stable. The tramp is mandatory for beginners so you do not have to swim after falling into the water.


YUEBO 305cm Tire SUP Stand Up-up Blade 15cm Thickness, iSUP Single-Way Pump + 3 pcs. adjustable paddle + large carry case (AS09_Blau_305 x 76 x 15cm)



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Middle class: for experienced rowing boats

After you hit SUP fever, you can get a slim board. Now it is about the state of the building and even more water security. Stand Up Rowing is an excellent training that is even more fun with your best friend or group. Very important: Do not forget enough sunscreen and drinking water!

Aqua Marina

Aqua Marina BEAST 10.6 iSUP Sup Floating paddle pad after selection


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Suprfit SUP Board and Stand Up Paddle Board I Kit: paddle board, carry bag, pad, air pump, safety cable, repair kit I Model Maona: 300 x 75 x 10 cm | Max. 90 kg


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ORPC / Aqua Marina



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Luxury: for professionals

Long-range tours between five and twenty kilometers, even racing through the water, no problem for SUP professionals and a nice way to enjoy nature. In this case, long-lasting boards make sense because they are super light and offer good sliding behavior. If you still want to surf in the SUP waves, you need a special panel that is wider and shorter.


JP Australia stand-up blades Allround Air 6, size: 10 & amp; # 39; & # 39; & # 39;


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