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What Is Breatharianism? Minnesota Woman talks about a new diet that has no fixed …

It seems that every few years a new diet is rising, whether it's Atkins diet at the beginning of the 2000s or, more recently, keto. A Minnesota woman claims to have found a perfect diet for her that does not even need solid food.

The new diet was conducted with the kind permission of the 25-year-old Audre Bear, who preached the benefits of a plan called "airspace".

Under the influence of breathing, Bär is now practicing an occasional lifestyle mixed with breathing exercises and juices to provide the necessary nutrients for her body. He even claims he can walk 97 days at the same time, not eating solid food.

That does not mean it cut off most of the food, but it saves time for family gatherings and festive occasions.

"My energy is intensified, my senses are stronger, and I feel better than ever before, I feel relaxed in life and a deeper relationship with myself," Fox News said in an interview, "Prana is different. The word for energy, also known like Qi or Chi, is a life-giving force that flows into and around all things, in the air we breathe, in the sun, in nature, in relationships with humans and all living creatures.It is a powerful energy that actually has the ability to strengthen and sustain us as humans .

While Bär preaches the benefits of practice, nutritionists are not so enthusiastic about this idea. In fact, it was said that it could be unhealthy and harmful.

"A diet containing only fruit juices and teas will probably have a low energy level, and although initial weight loss may occur, you will be missing vital nutrients for good health in the long run," nutritionist Helena Gibson-Moore told LADBible.

"Fruits and vegetables, whole grains, good protein sources such as fatty fish, beans and nuts, some milk or milk alternatives, some unsaturated fats and reduced intake of processed fat, refined grains, salts, saturated fats and sweet food and drink better health outcomes. "