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"Wonder weapon" against sunburn inspires mass

Mount Calm – With the heat and countless hours of sunlight, the risk of burns is also increasing. Many people are thinking about how best to prevent burns in the skin. American Cindie Allen-Stewart believes he knows the answer.

Skin burns? Just put the shaving cream on, wait ... and maybe you'll admire it.

Skin burns? Just put the shaving cream on, wait … and maybe you'll admire it.

A home remedy for which the Texan relies on sunburn and what he regularly uses for 10 years is a shaving cream.

But before we look at the details of this miraculous weapon against sunburn, the mother clearly says the following.

"Do not forget to always use sunscreen, too much sun exposure can be dangerous and lead to cancer, and I definitely do not recommend leaving without sunscreen," says Allen Stewart in his Facebook post, which is shared over 40,000 times and writes o Plymouth Heraldu.

If you want to effectively fight against sunburn by Allen-Stewart, you need a very specific component.

"Buy a menthol foam shaving cream first, it must be a shaving cream with menthol", a woman's honeymoon is a special ingredient.

"Then, apply the shaving cream to the burn, it may look like a strange ritual, but believe me."

The American states that the shaving cream should be applied and triturated. If you follow this guide and you may even feel itching, everything is fine.

After about 30 minutes, the shaving cream should melt in stains and feel it dried. "You will feel like you've been cold," says Allen-Stewart on Facebook, describing the cold as a good sign.

Many have already applied herself. If you can trust Facebook comments, with success.

"This is a happiness and has saved me life this summer," says the user. "It works incredibly," commented someone. Many people are eager to connect under shaving cream. Since nobody complains, the sunburn method actually looks like a worthwhile attempt.