According to the study: Your body size affects how you successfully lose weight 2

According to the study: Your body size affects how you successfully lose weight

Weight loss can be a big challenge because sometimes it does seem that the diet will not function properly, no matter how much effort, motivation or sweat you put into it. All imagination? Not! The study now confirms that eating success depends not only on personal discipline or about spent calories but also that it significantly affects the size of the body.

The size of the body determines the success of diet – study

The University of Kiel studies a whole new light on the baby: Based on the results of the researchers, success in losing weight could not only be related to our persistence or daily nutrition but also anchored in our genes. Specifically, in body size, as this should affect how we can easily lose weight. According to researchers who compared the weight loss results of 330 respondents aged 18 to 78, fewer women have much greater difficulty in losing weight than high women.

The results of the research are justified in the following way: What is a woman smaller, these are smaller organs such as liver or kidney. Also, muscle mass is significantly lower at that height. Deciding: Through these physical conditions, the metabolism is a little slower and harder to lose weight. Due to slowing metabolism, the basal velocity of metabolism (the energy we stand for in order to maintain body function) is also considerably lower. Women's energy needs stand at an average of 1,400 calories a day – women measuring less than 1.52 meters, according to the study can only reach 1,200 calories. At baseline of 1.80 meters, basal metabolism is increased again, ie 1,750 calories.

What little women can do to successfully lose weight

Women with a small body size are clearly in a disadvantage because metabolism deceleration and low basal metabolism not only help weight loss but also maintain weight. In order to remain slim in your everyday life, it is important to adjust your calorie intake to the size of your body. The best way to do this is to use an online calculator (click here for the tool), which not only includes size but also age or daily movement. If you want to lose weight, you can take 400 to 600 calories out of this base and stick to that daily limit. Combined with regular exercises and protein-targeted diets, we are sure that even small women can outsmart their metabolism and still be able to successfully lose weight.