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Along with vegetables and sea fish against calcification

By providing a good life, this is what most people are trying to do. They set goals, realize them as much as possible, improve where they need it. Of course, everyone is clear that his own body and his health are part of it. It is also clear to everyone that we need to make the body and mind healthy – but it does not make or delay the resolutions on "later, I have to solve everything else first". Only: Later it is usually too late. Prevention, ie health prophylaxis, implies more than regular examinations with various specialists – even if it's great that everyone does that. The prophylaxis includes all the measures that can prevent your health and well-being, but also all the steps you need to keep your health healthy. Adding everything to the crowd in everyday life is not easy.

Prof. Ralf-Joachim Schulz, chief physician of the geriatric clinic at St. Marien in Cologne: "Our lifestyle is not without consequences to the physical condition." capture free radicals and minimize inflammation in blood vessels, especially in blood vessels and arteries. Where the diet does not equalize with baptism, but first of all it means deliberately setting other priorities in the diet. "Nutrition also affects the elasticity of blood vessels," says Ralf-Joachim Schulz.

Some antioxidants are produced in the body, such as enzymes or hormones, but others need to be directed to food. Schulz: "Radical grafts are vitamins E and C and omega-3 fatty acids in boiling, tuna, tuna, salmon, trout, sardines and edible oils, but also in vegetables such as spinach, spinach, beans, avocados." Nutrition can, first and foremost, minimize or even prevent dangerous blood clots in the blood vessels, all known as arteriosclerosis. "This has been tested in a variety of research many years ago and triggered a real hyperbola, so bakers advertise that omega-3 fatty acids were used in their bread."

"In geriatric medicine, balanced nutrition has existed for some time with antioxidants such as radical collectors, recommended – as chief physician for lifelong therapy Schulz: "The disease begins at the age of 30 to 40 and is chronic …Read the full article on the topic"Data-reactid =" 14 "> In geriatric medicine, a balanced nutrition with antioxidants as radical cleansers has long been recommended – like lifelong therapy." Schulz chief physician: "The disease begins at age 30 to 40 and is one of chronic … Read full article